Sorry “pitches”, but Queen Bey is back and you might wanna step aside a little.

We really excited when we first heard news that “Pitch Perfect 2” was on its way with more ‘aca-awesomeness” but, Beyoncé dropped the new music video for “7/11” on Friday and we just lost it. I mean, why wouldn’t we? The video was nothing but the BOMB!

Beyonce 7:11
Beyoncé be like: “Applause, peasants.”

You’d know what we mean if you’ve seen the video by now Although it may look like a homemade music video, we have a good hunch that the crazy things Bey does in the video is part of her daily routine − be it in her own home or in a luxurious hotel room. In fact, she did it perfectly without putting any makeup on her face, presenting her truest form to the viewers. If you watch the video carefully, her daughter Blue Ivy also made a cameo appearance in the video as she was seen laying down on a bed while Queen Bey was dancing away to the song.


“7/11” is one of Beyoncé s latest singles that has been included in the expanded boxed-set of her multimillion-selling self-titled album. Set to be released on November 24th, the box set will be known as the “Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set” with 2 CDs and 2 DVDs, that would feature 2 new songs, 4 new remixes with star collaborators and a concert video. Another song that has been included in the album is called “Ring Off” and the remixes feature artistes like her hubby Jay Z, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj.

Beyonce 7:11

Once again, this is a surprise music video that saw coming and it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Her previous surprise was when she dropped her whole album via iTunes! What’s next? A free album to be downloaded via iTunes?

Also, why are you still reading this? Watch the video now! 😀

For more information, visit Beyoncé’s official website and Facebook page.

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