Whether she’s in Asia or America, Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, otherwise more lovingly known as Yuna, is no stranger to the media headlines. Earlier this month, the NY Times described the Malaysian-born singer-songwriter as “a poster girl for young hijabsters”. The coverage was considered by many to be a milestone for her and the Malaysian music industry.

But, despite the numerous headlines about her being both a contemporary Muslim fashion icon and a music sensation in Asia and the US, Yuna’s personal life is still a mystery to many. Well, mystery no more, we say, because this will all change when “E! News Asia Special: Yuna” premieres on 25th Nov (Tuesday) at 10pm exclusively on E! (Astro Channel 712).



The special sees “E! News Asia” host George Young spending the day uncovering Yuna’s background and how she went from law student to music sensation. She also opens up about the pressures of handling stardom on a global level, her love life, and how the hijab has become a part of her silhouette – paving the way for young, modern Muslims with global aspirations.

Viewers will also learn that her rising fame and success as an award-winning singer-songwriter did not come easy! From intense criticism for not being talented enough to moving thousands of miles away from familiarity and family in order to chase a dream in the US, Yuna has overcome many hurdles. Still, she remains true to herself and viewers will get to see her warmth and honesty through an exclusive acoustic performance.

Yuna at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 Pic 7 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)

So remember to tune in to get the inside scoop on Yuna’s life on 25th Nov at 10pm on E! (Astro Channel 712).

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