Earlier in October, an investigation revealed that the cause of the accident on 3rd Sept which claimed the lives of Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe and left others injured was said to be from speeding.

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) were commissioned by Yongin Seobu Police Station to analyse the car accident. Through a detailed analysis, a CCTV footage of the accident showed that the driver (also Ladies Code’s road manager) was speeding. The speed limit on the road they were driving on is 100 km/h, but the driver was at 130 km/h. When the accident occurred, the back wheel came off due to the impact of it hitting against the wall.

On top of that, during the night of the accident, the weather was rainy, so due to speeding on the wet road the driver lost control of the car.


As such, the South Korean police department claimed it was the driver’s fault, which ultimately led to the tragic event. They also said that they would be submitting the information to the prosecutor’s office.

Now, the Suwon prosecution team has revealed today that Ladies’ Code’s road manager, Mr. Park (26), has been arrested and indicted for causing the fatal accident. It has been determined by the prosecution that Mr. Park had sped at 135.7kmh (~85mph) before slipping on the wet road and colliding into a barrier. The speed limit of the highway is 100kmh (~62mph), but because it was raining that day, the car should have been going 80kmh (~50mph), 20% less than the speed limit, according to traffic laws.

Mr. Park said during the prosecution’s investigation, “Because the speed seemed too fast, I had stepped on the brake, but the car slipped.”

Ladies Code Accident

However, the prosecution revealed, “Mr. Park had said during the early police investigation that the cars’ back wheel had fallen off right before the accident. However, we have confirmed that the wheel fell off after the accident occurred.”

To address the questions about whether the airbag not being deployed contributed to the fatality, the prosecution added, “The air bag was not deployed in the front seat, but this was because it was the side of the car that collided with the barrier, so we have determined that there was no fault with the cars’ airbag mechanism.”

More to come as the story unfolds.


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