You gotta love Taylor Swift for her wicked sense of humour.

When you think “Taylor Swift“, you instantly recall all strange news of her relationships in the past. Identifying with what the media has painted her out to be, she has made her latest music video out to be all about that by playing on every single horrible girlfriend stereotype.

Taylor Swift Blank Space


The song, titled, “Blank Space”, is the second single from her latest album, “1989“. In the music video directed by Joseph Kahn, Taylor plays every boyfriend’s worst nightmare – she gets jealous and tosses a phone into a pool, she wrecks his car in rage with a golf club, she burns his clothes because she can, she drives a knife through a portrait she painted of him. She basically plays on every single crazy thing that the media has ever said about her and embraces that crazy!

True to her words, she’s a nightmare dressed as a daydream. This has got to be the wildest music video she has ever done.

And you simply have to watch it:

On a lighter, less intense note, we got to see Taylor’s super cute pet cat, Olivia in the above music video! Missed it? The shot is right at the beginning 🙂

Taylor Swift’s “1989” is available on iTunes and major stores nationwide.

For more information, hit up her website or follow her on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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