No longer the regular construction worker, Emmet in “The LEGO Movie” has revealed his secret identity to Batman in an alternate ending for the film!

Created by YouTube stop-motion artists Brotherhood Workshop, the alternate ending begins with Emmet’s girlfriend, Wyldstyle arguing with her former boyfriend, Batman after he broke into her house. From charisma to abs to the bat mobile, Batman has everything that a girl wants but that was only until Emmet appears at Wyldstyle’s house with his new secret identity.

No prizes for guessing what his secret identity is, of course. It is none other than Star-Lord, the leader of the space-based superhero team “Guardians of the Galaxy“!


Emmet as Star-Lord

See, it makes sense because Emmet is voiced by Chris Pratt, the same actor who has played Star-Lord in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy“. In fact, he’s also known for his character as Andy in NBC’s comedy TV series, “Parks and Recreation”.

This explains why Emmet said he has “come a long way from the days when he hung out at the park for recreation.” as all the references are based on Pratt‘s roles in other films.

Although it’s just a parody alternate ending to the film, this video would definitely be a great end-credit scene!

This is not the first time Brotherhood Workshop has made an alternate ending for a motion picture. Previously, there a “The Hobbit” project whereby the story was animated with the LEGO Hobbit-themed minifigs and sets, and condensed into 72-second-long video.

Other LEGO-branded films that have been scheduled for release over the next 4 years include “LEGO Ninjago” on September 23, 2016. “LEGO Batman” will have its own solo film on May 26, 2017 while the sequel for “The LEGO Movie” is set to be released on 2018.

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