Oh, this is so exciting! The first part of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” will be released in a month but before it hits the cinemas, the film’s marketing team teamed up with Google and YouTube stars for “District Voices”!

And what’s “District Voices”, you ask?


Created by 5 teams of notable YouTube stars, the new programme “District Voices” will be rolling out a video every day this week for the citizens of Panem through Capitol TV and YouTube. Beginning with Rob Czar & Corrine Leigh of the Threadbanger, the new programme offers a glimpse into the citizens’ skills, productivity, and creativity through the YouTube stars who represent the citizens from different Panem’s districts.

The full schedule of the video series is as follows*:

  • Oct 22 – Shane Fazen of fightTIPS as District 2’s Senior Peacekeeper Training Officer
  • Oct 23 – Derek Muller of Veritasium as District 5’s Chief Energy Researcher of ‘Coriolanus Nine’ power facility
  • Oct 24 – Jimmy Wong & Ashley Adams of Feast of Fiction as District 9’s citizens who will be demonstrating a hearth-warming baking how-to for Panem
  • Oct 25 – Justine Ezarik of iJustine as District 6’s liaison to the Capitol and the driving force that proudly supports the transportation needs of Panem’s vaunted Peacekeepers.

*Based on the timezone in Malaysia

Lionsgate’s partnership with Google’s YouTube unit is nothing new as they’ve previously collaborated on other projects that connect the top YouTube stars with their audiences through films such as”Godzilla”, the original “Star Wars”, and “Crimson Peak”.

A new “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” soundtrack was recently premiered on BBC 1 Radio Show as well, featuring Miguel’s fantastic vocals and a little bit of Lorde‘s distinctively dark vocals. Titled “This is Not a Game”, The Chemical Brothers produced the song by putting a fresh twist on the gloomy track with some catchy electronic beats.

The Chemical Brothers with Lorde and Miguel

Unlike the title track “Yellow Flicker Beat“, the song is darker and more angsty than the first track off the Lorde’s curated soundtrack album. You can listen to the song at Billboard, via Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.


The soundtrack album will be released on 17th November while the film is slated for release on 21st November.

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