Breaking Bad” crystal meth dealer character Walter White may have cleverly dodged authorities during his career as a drug kingpin, but his action figure hasn’t dodged the wrath of a Florida mother.

Susan Schrivjer, a mother from Fort Myers, launched a petition in early October to have White (and other “Breaking Bad” action figures) removed from Toys R Us. The action figures include White (the chemistry teacher turned meth lord) and his assistant, Jesse Pinkman, in hazmat suits, as well as White as his gun-toting alter ego, Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad Toys

As of last Monday morning, the request has received a tonne of signatures.


In the petition, Schrivjer, who wrote the appeal under the name “Susan Myers”, gets right to the point:

Toys R Us is well known around the world for their vast selection of toys for children of all ages. However their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values. That’s why I’m calling on Toys R Us to immediately stop selling the Breaking Bad doll collection in their stores and on their website.

Sony Pictures Television has recently partnered with Toys R Us to release a collection of dolls based on the characters from Breaking Bad. The show centers on the story of a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a drug kingpin in order to make ends meet. While the show may be compelling viewing for adults, its violent content and celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.

Parents and grandparents around the world shop at Toys R Us, online and in stories, with their children and should not be forced to explain why a certain toy comes with a bag of highly dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone who sells those drugs deserves to be made into an action figure.

Please sign to join me in asking Toys R Us to stop selling the Breaking Bad dolls and return to the family focused atmosphere for which they are known.

She was also interview by CNN affiliate WFTX of Fort Myers.

During the interview, Schrivjer reiterated, “Kids mimic their action figures, if you will. Do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit?”

Breaking Bad Action Figure


However, she went on to add that it’s not the “Breaking Bad” show itself that she was unhappy with as she was also a fan. Schrivjer added that she thought the show was great and riveting, but she draws the line at seeing the characters in Toys R Us.

Upon hearing about the petition, “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston (the actor who played White) responded jokingly to Schrivjer’s movement:

That having said, her protest was met with over 8,000 signatures as well as a slew of negative feedback by people from all walks of life, all of whom strongly agreed with Schrivjer. One Monica Tessmer commented that the toys were inappropriate and that it wasn’t a smart move by Toys R Us to sell them. Another, named Jaime Keasler, complained that it was sick that a company would design kids toys that glorify the making of meth and sell them.

As such, Toys R Us is now pulling the dolls off its shelves.

Breaking Bad Toys R Us
Source: Toys R Us

Toys R Us told The Associated Press late Tuesday that the dolls are being removed on its website and shelves and are taking an “indefinite sabbatical”. The retailer has maintained that the dolls are sold in limited quantities in the adult action figure area of its stores.

Hmm. What do you guys think, though? Was Toys R Us being an irresponsible retailer or did people simply take the “Breaking Bad” action figures a little too seriously? Sound off in the comments box below!

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