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Photo via Brandon Sta Maria

Before we start with our review of the I Am Hardwell tour live in Sydney, we must say, being able to watch Hardwell live was surreal! Of course, interviewing the current world number one DJ before his set at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur and catching him live in Kuala Lumpur was beyond amazing.

So amazing, that we had to catch him live in Sydney.


Now, considering that he is the current world number DJ, Hardwell had and still does have some serious work to do. Having travelled across the globe including India, Vietnam, Australia and more for his I Am Hardwell shows, 2014 sure is one heck of a busy year for the Dutch DJ/producer.

Taking fans through a beautiful dream, the I Am Hardwell tour in Sydney took place on October 4th (Saturday) at The Domain and boy, oh boy, it was mind-blowing. Flooded with over 16,000 fans from all across the globe, gates to the rave opened at 5pm. In short, this tour is all about to show fans who Robbert van der Corput (Hardwell) really is, and it is safe to say that him bagging the current world number 1 DJ title is very much well deserved. Having travelled to India, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, and Melbourne before making his way to Sydney, Hardwell sure had a lot of work to do.

Photo via Brandon Sta Maria

I arrived at around 6pm at The Domain for the event and I immediately noticed how crowded it already was. The glorious rave atmosphere was already pretty amazing as Kill The Buzz played a fantastic opening set for the night. The Breda-based DJ/producer warmed the crowd up with his big-room sound and cutting-edge drops leaving them in awe as they waited for Hardwell’s appearance.

And then, the moment everyone was waiting for finally happened at around 7pm that evening.

With two massive screens on both sides of the stage, Hardwell’s set started with the distinct I Am Hardwell introduction, welcoming fans to a dream that allows them to experience the combination of long roads of the one individual who dared to dream and be different, the individual who gave everyone his music, the one and only Hardwell.

Photo via Brandon Sta Maria
Photo via Brandon Sta Maria

It was beyond obvious that the excitement went straight through the roof when Hardwell started playing banger after banger. The superstar DJ’s I Am Hardwell 3-hour extended live set was one seriously massive production. From state-of-the-art audio and visual show complete with flames jets and CO2 gas thrills, Hardwell played some of his biggest hits including “Spaceman,” “Apollo, “Dare You”, his remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “Ping Pong,” and his remix of Magic!’s “Rude.”

Hardwell also had a little surprise for fans as he introduced some of his new tracks during the event. To no surprise, his new tracks were very well received and had fans jumping even more. I must say, watching Hardwell’s live sets on YouTube is nothing compared to seeing him live. His set went from one banger to another, and he picked “Spaceman” with the vocals of “Apollo” to close the night. After that Hardwell climbed onto the console to thank his adoring fans.

Photo via Brandon Sta Maria
Photo via Brandon Sta Maria

It was impossible to stand still during this night. Hardwell’s show was pumped with energy and an epic fireworks display to cap it all off — just what one would expect from the world number one DJ. Big thanks to Mushroom Group for extending invites our way and giving Hype Malaysia one of the best nights we’ve ever experienced.

More pictures from I Am Hardwell tour in Sydney can be found below and on our Facebook page.

Disclaimer: all photos were shot by Brandon Sta Maria.

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