Following Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, an insider has revealed that the remaining Chinese members of EXO-M, Tao and Lay will be leaving the group once they’ve found a new Chinese entertainment agency to sign with.

EXO Tao and Lay



Lao Gao (Luhan’s friend) and Wang Meng Qiu are Luhan’s supports in China, they have helped Luhan to get in touch with several Chinese entertainment agencies. For now, Luhan has found a new entertainment agency and manager for himself (not the same company as Kris/Wu Yifan and Hangeng), and everything will be running smoothly. On top of that, it is true that Luhan was spotted playing football at a football field in Beijing a few days ago. Good luck Luhan! P.S: The next person to terminate the contract is Zhang Yixing/Lay and they are in talks about the contract. Only Tao has not found anyone to sign a contract with.

It seems like the rumour about Luhan leaving the group started since August as a famous insider on Weibo revealed that some people especially Luhan’s fansites already knew about his contract termination.

The insider revealed that the team is already working reducing the negative impact on Luhan by working with Sina:

EXO's popularity


Since the first round of the event of Luhan’s contract termination, the unnecessary public discussion has transformed into a discussion to deal with negative opinions. About the account hacking and popularity on Weibo, the team has used Sina to control the amount of reposts, comments, and even posted a few similar posts to create the current situation. The team took advantage of their relations with Chinese media to create the false crisis on their popularity and responses that came in prematurely. Sina that reported the exclusive news is extremely shameless for not being considerate about the consequences too.

While it’s not verified, a Reddit thread has emerged on October 3rd, stating that Luhan is willing to pay the penalty fee to terminate his court.

EXO Luhan Overworked


The Reddit post stated that the source originated from a Baidu post, which started the rumour. The original post was translated by “Chickenfan“:

He still wants to terminate his contract with dumbass (SM’s CEO – Kim Young Min), he rather pay the penalty fee but will not go to court. Perhaps this is too naive because dumbass will never let him get off that easy, he’s still fighting for Luhan to come back, with the promise of making proper changes to his contract and let him participate in 1018 Shanghai SMT

It doesn’t matter what dumbass does, it will not change the end result. There’s no way he’s going back. At this point, contract termination is a sure thing. He (Luhan) just doesn’t want to get ugly, so he rather just pay the penalty and get out, he’s pretty rich.

His condition has been terrible recently, especially in the past few days. Vomiting, facial bloating, eyes are swollen, excessive tearing, passing out. He hasn’t been able to eat any food since a few days ago. The doctors say he also has migraine.

Luhan gave dumbass until the 8th. If dumbass still does not address the issue publicly, Luhan will.

His mother has been by his side every day, she’s in pain seeing her son like this. But with good rest, Luhan is expected to recover in about two weeks.

Luhan is very well connected. You shall see next month. (I think OP is saying Luhan will not have trouble finding work after he leaves SM)

The source also stated that Luhan has already given a deadline for SM to make their decision and said he will reveal it himself if the company does not announce it by 9th October.

It seems like SM Entertainment is trying to sign a new contract with Luhan as the company stated in their official statement that they are still in the middle of negotiations.

EXO Luhan lawsuit
Translation: The news about Luhan’s contract termination will be revealed earlier than expected, someone is too mean.

Clearly, Luhan’s negotiations with SM Entertainment fell through because on October 6th, the insider revealed that someone (indicating the media outlet or Luhan himsef) will be breaking the news about Luhan’s contract termination earlier than expected.

The insider is the same insider who has previously hinted, predicted, and revealed all the scandals in both Chinese and Korean entertainment industry.

EXO Luhan & Lay


Lay & Luhan have earlier collaborated on this. They might be signing on with the same Chinese entertainment agency, even without the help from Lao Gao (Luhan’s friend) and Lay’s mother. They do it for the money. Tao’s family is richer than other Chinese members, so it doesn’t matter where he will go, the naive one always has more money.

As shown in the Weibo post, the insider speculated that Lay will be the next member to leave the group as he stated that both Lay and Luhan have already planned to sign a contract with another Chinese entertainment agency.

Although Lay did not mention anything about his future plans, he has so far shown his support for Luhan’s decision on a Weibo post. He also hoped to perform with him again as he stated that he would want to “stand on stage together” if there’s a chance.



EXO’s airport incident put their blame on Luhan and Tao but my source has told me that different tactics have been used to reduce the impact on Luhan’s image and so, the news only affected Tao (he brought it upon himself). When the whole EXO was being scold, no one ever talked about Luhan alone, I think Luhan will be back (to Beijing) soon, to give him a better environment. If his fans continue to do this every day, Luhan will “die” quicker (he’s trying to say he will eventually get the negative impact too). Don’t believe me, just wait for it.

As for Tao, the insider revealed that the member has unfortunately become the victim of the whole incident as all the hatreds were directed towards Tao after the airport incident.

Earlier in August, Tao and his managers were criticised for hitting the security guards at Nanjing Airport before going to perform for Nanjing Youth Olympic event. To reduce the damage done on Luhan, the insider stated that Tao has become Luhan’s shield.

When asked about which company will Tao go to if he terminates his contract, the insider said that he will sign on with the strongest Chinese entertainment agency. However, there’s no mention of forming a new group with the rest of the Chinese members and the insider revealed that former member Kris still has a bright future even though he has not signed on with Hwai Brothers.

EXO Kris

Take this with a grain of salt but what do you think of the insider’s scoops? Do you think what he said is true?

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