No, it’s not a dream. Soon, we will be traveling back to the wonderful and strange town of Twin Peaks because the series will be making its return soon!

The “magical” revival of “Twin Peaks” came as a shocking announcement as the chances of the series being revived were rather slim after it was abruptly cancelled in 1991. Thus, the long-awaited comeback of the 90s cult TV series brought joy to most of the Twin Peaks fans as the series has left many questions unanswered.

David Lynch and Mark Frost
David Lynch and Mark Frost

According to our sources (as listed by the end of the article), the series will go into production in 2015 and pick up where it was left off instead of being a remake. The season premiere will air on Showtime in 2016 to mark its 25th anniversary. David Lynch and Mark Frost, the series creators will once again write and produce the 9-episode series, with Lynch to direct every episode of the series.


Both the series creators and cast already hinted on the revival of “Twin Peaks” after teasing fans with a series of tweets since last Friday.

On October 3rd, the series creator David Lynch and Mark Frost posted a tweet, hinting that “Twin Peaks” might be returning to TV soon with the hashtag #damngoodcoffee:

As some of you may already know, “damn good coffee” was a phrase frequently used by the leading role, FBI’s Special Agent Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan) to describe his favourite beverage.

Twin Peaks Dale Cooper
FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

To further fuel the speculation, the tweet was posted at 11:30am which matches the time of Agent Cooper’s arrival in the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee).

On October 6th, speculations ran wild again on the interwebs as MacLachlan teased his return as Cooper via a new tweet with the hashtag #Twinpeaks:


As if that wasn’t enough to pique our interest, remember Shelly Johnson, that beautiful waitress at the Double R Diner?

Oh, you know, the one whom to our surprise Cooper’s immediate superior Gordon Cole (played by David Lynch) can hear perfectly well despite his hearing difficulties?


Well, Madchen Amick who played Shelly Johnson also tweeted:

And all questions have been answered as Lynch and Frost finally ended the speculations with an official announcement at 11:30am again:

What more can we say? Welcome back to Twin Peaks indeed!

Although the new limited series will be a continuation of the second season, it will be set in the present day of a fictional Washington. There’s no confirmation on the returning cast yet but the creators will finally provide the long-awaited answers to end the series.

Now, if you will excuse us, we are going to get a “damn fine cup of coffee” since we’ve got time for that.

Damn Fine Coffee

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