It was trippy but nonetheless it was a night well spent with the Pet Shop Boys who recently performed in Malaysia for their “Electric” concert tour!

Previously, the UK-based electronic pop duo toured across the world to perform but Malaysia was not included in their tour. Thus, the “Electric Tour Live in Malaysia” was a dream come true for fans as they’ve waited for so long for them to come here.

So, it came as no surprise when the whole stadium was quickly filled up with enthusiastic fans who came to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime concert experience with the Pet Shop Boys. In fact, the audience was a mix of the older generation of Pet Shop Boys’ fans and the younger generation who enjoyed the duo’s 80s influence!


As expected, the concert opened with a rather trippy welcoming video that had the whole stadium screaming with excitement. Despite performing for the first time in Malaysia, the UK-based electronic pop duo effectively brought the house down as soon as they came on stage!

With the help of visual presentations and dancers, the duo kicked off their electrifying concert with the song “Axis” off their new “Electric” album. The duo introduced themselves briefly in Bahasa Malaysia as well before proceeding to perform another 15 songs with a few breaks in between.

Pet Shop Boys

Throughout the entire performance, Neil Tennant the lead singer made it a point to move around the stage a bit to interact with the fans while he was performing. Although Keyboardist Chris Lowe mostly hid his eyes from the crowd with his uber-cool shades, he did have his very own moment where he got all the spotlight for his keyboard solo.

Most concert goers already knew about their extravagant performances but for those who weren’t, they might’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Pet Shop Boys’ showmanship! From a bull’s headgear to a disco ball headgear and even the bright fluorescent outfits, the duo pulled off some of the weirdest costumes alongside the dancers!

Electric Pet Shop Boys Live 2014

But we can hardly call that as a surprise because it was something we had expected from a Pet Shop Boys’ concert. That being said, there wasn’t a single dull moment despite knowing the “surprises” that we were in for! The production crew made clever use of props and lights, especially during the performances for “Love Etc”. It was funny but it was fresh and creative when the duo propped up in the giant beds that stood vertically on stage.


On numerous occasions, the crowd sang along to some of the greatest hits including “West End Girls”, “It’s A Sin”, and “Domino Dancing”. However, all things must come to end as the duo left the stage after they performed Elvis Presley’s classic, “Always On My Mind”.

The crowd chanted for an encore session and requested them to perform some of their classics. Plus, Pet Shop Boys’ concert will be incomplete without performing Village People’s “Go West”!

Pet Shop Boys performance in Malaysia

And so, the duo finally came back on stage for the encore session and this time around, Tennant followed the Malay tradition and wore a tengkolok. The crowd went totally crazy again as they performed their cover version of “Go West”. Ultimately, this just further proved that this was the song that everyone was waiting for the entire time.

The duo successfully wrapped up their concert with their last song “Vocal”, which is a hit single from their “Electric” album. We must say, “Vocal” is definitely our kind of music as it incorporated the EDM style that everyone can really appreciate. Can we call it an old-school rave?

Electric Pet Shop Boys Live 2014 Full Track List:

  1. Axis
  2. One More Chance/Face Like That
  3. Opportunities
  4. Fugitive/Integral
  5. The Rite of Spring
  6. I Wouldn’t Normally
  7. Suburbia
  8. I’m Not Scared
  9. Fluorescent
  10. West End Girls
  11. Somewhere
  12. Leaving
  13. Thursday
  14. Love Etc
  15. I Get Excited/Rent
  16. It’s A Sin
  17. Domino Dancing
  18. Always On My Mind

Encore Songs

  1. Go West
  2. Vocal

It was truly a exhilarating performance from Pet Shop Boys and the crowd was such a sporting crowd. We weren’t kidding when we said some of them came dressed up in their most frivolous outfits, all in the name of connecting with the duo! Even until the very last minute of their concert, the crowd was still very much ecstatic as the duo turned the stadium into a dance floor with their encore session.

Special thanks to AMC Live Group for bringing the band who created a memorable night for us!

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