The world was in deep shock after learning about the passing of EunB from Ladies’ Code, due to a fatal car accident.

Ladies’ Code was on the way back to their dorms after attending their schedule in Daegu. At that time, the van was carrying a total of 8 people, including their road manager who was driving. However, the van may have slipped and ran into a protective wall due to the wet rainy road.

As a result of accident, EunB was reportedly dead upon arrival at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in Suwon. The other members Sojung and RiSe were in critical condition while leader Ashley and Zuny, as well as 2 stylists, suffered from minor injuries.


EunB Funeral 6

A funeral procession was held for EunB at the Korean University Anam Hospital, where family, friends and celebrities alike attended the funeral to say their last goodbyes to EunB. Ashley and Zuny joined the funeral procession as well and they were seen fighting back tears during the emotional event.

As we mourn the loss of the incredibly cheerful EunB, it was reported that another member, RiSe passed away after her condition remained critical over the past few days. The news once again broke our hearts and we can’t imagine how painful it must be for the members to handle the loss of both EunB and RiSe.

Rise and EunB
Ladies’s Code’s RiSe & EunB / Image via Ladies Code’s Facebook page

Sure, we don’t know them well but they are certainly some of the most talented girls we’ve ever seen on screen, especially after watching their performances. The group worked hard to prove their talent and stayed humble even after they won the “New Artists of the Year” at the 2014 Gaon Chart Awards. The group did exceedingly well for their albums too as their songs have always ranked high on real-time music charts.

In fact, all the members lived up to their nicknames in the group as EunB was nicknamed “Lovely Code” and RiSe was nicknamed “Pure Code”. Their smiles and kindness are what made them so lovable among the fans and the people in the entertainment industry. To have their lives abruptly taken away so soon seems unfair as they had such bright futures ahead of them.

From their pre-debut era to their final performance, let’s take a look back at some of their achievements and precious moments here:

1. RiSe’s pre-debut

Before RiSe’s debut as part of Ladies’ Code, she was a former Miss Korea-Japan who was born in Fukushima, Japan. Real name Kwon Ri Sae, she went to the MBC “Star Audition” that was held in Japan and became one of the top 12 contestants of the show. However, she did not make it through the final rounds of the show and later signed an agency contract with Bae Yong Joon’s Key East Entertainment.


In 2013, she joined Polaris Entertainment to pursue her music career as soon as her contract with Key East Entertainment expired. Due to her past experience in the music industry, she became a sub-vocal of the group.

2. EunB’s pre-debut

EunB, whose real name is Go Eunbi, is an in-law to SBS’s anchor Kim Sungjoon. She officially joined Ladies’ Code as a sub-vocal last year, a few days before the group’s debut with their 1st mini-album “Code #1: Bad Girl”. Before she joined the group, she was a student at the Hanlim Multi Art School, the same school that most of the Korean idols have attended.

As a sub-vocal, EunB’s passion for singing is most evident in her past, as shown in her pre-debut videos which have surfaced online:

Ladies Code EunB predebut
Image via Lacode

3. Ladies’ Code’s last performance together as 5-member group

This fantaken video of Ladies’ Code performance in Daegu appears to be the video of EunB’s and RiSe’s final performance together with the group, hours before the fatal car accident. In fact, the performance seemed to be the only schedule they had to attend that day. But unfortunately, the van they were in was from a car rental company.

The agency also explained that their road manager, who drove the van, had a clean record and has not experienced any particular accidents on the road before.

4. Close relationship shown in “The Reality of Ladies’ Code”

It’s easy to guess why the members maintained a close relationship with each other since they stayed in a dorm together. As seen in their reality show “The Reality of Ladies’ Code”, leader Ashley shared a room with EunB and RiSe while the younger members, Zuny and Sojung stayed in another small room together.

While the video showed very little about their life together, it was clear that all the members have already formed a sisterly relationship as they always spend time together. Just watch the video below:

5. RiSe’s sisterly relationship with EunB

RiSe’s sisterly relationship with EunB was further proven via a tweet that was found earlier on August 12th. At that time, RiSe took some time off her busy schedule to reply her fans’ messages on Twitter. One of her fans’ question were:

Who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone? (translation credit goes to 7ae)

As RiSe shared the same room with EunB, she lovingly responded by saying: EunB!!!!!!♡”

5. RiSe’s last birthday celebration

Just few weeks ago, Ladies’ Code’s RiSe celebrated her 23rd birthday with the members and the fans during a fansign event at Sinchon. It was their last birthday celebration together. Before the crash, Sojung was supposed to celebrate her birthday on September 3rd but she had suffered from severe injuries and fellow member EunB passed away on the same day as her birthday.

140816 Ladies Code RiSe's birthday party

Our thought and prayers are with the families, friends, fans, and loved ones of both EunB and RiSe.

Stay strong, Ladies’ Code!

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