Young Swedish DJ/producer Avicii stops at nothing on his quest to take over the world. And not just the world of dance music! If you followed us closely, you’d know that he was reported to be dabbling in a little bit of Mandopop, with none other than Taiwanese superstar Wang Leehom. The collaboration means that Avicii will formally introduce himself to the Asian market this time around, although we don’t doubt that people have already heard of him.

He is, after all, one of the world’s top 10 DJs/producers, according to DJMag.

Avicii Lee Hom Wang Lose Myself


The new song is called, “忘我 (Lose Myself)” and both music producers were in the studio in Los Angeles to work on it together. From what we hear, Leehom did more than just co-produce the song – he even sings on it. During the production of “忘我 (Lose Myself)”, both artistes were quoted to have sung praises for each other, with Avicii showing utmost respect for Leehom while Leehom said that working with Avicii was something new and fun for him. The result?


Oh Leehom and Avicii, this is going to create a storm in the Asian music industry, we’re sure of it! “忘我 (Lose Myself)” has also been confirmed to be the main theme of the upcoming “Storm Music Festival”, scheduled to be held on 5th and 6th October in Shanghai.

For more information, visit Avicii’s website or Facebook page and Leehom’s website or Facebook page.

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