The South Korean entertainment industry have got their eyes firmly on singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong ever since word first got out about his supposed ex-girlfriend drama. It all started when his ex-girlfriend filed reports against him for physical abuse while they were in a relationship. His ex-girlfriend accused him of hitting her on numerous occasions between May and July, suffering injuries such as bruises and broken ribs.

As of now, the case is still under investigation as there has been conflicting statements from Kim Hyun Joong’s agency and the said ex-girlfriend. Although his agency confirmed that he did indeed have an ex-girlfriend, they denied that he had hit her on multiple occasions or even broken her ribs.

Kim Hyun Joong assault evidence


While all of that has taken a toll on the superstar’s “flower boy” reputation, it seems that he can’t lay low just yet.

Now, news have surfaced that Kim Hyun Joong is trying to delay his compulsory South Korean military enlistment. He applied for the delay citing his hectic concert schedule as the reason. However, this has sparked rumours that the real reason behind it is so that he could deal with the assault charges files against him by his ex-girlfriend. His agency has since explained that the application was put in prior to the allegations and that nothing has been confirmed yet.

Kim Hyun Joong

Meanwhile, the show must go on for Kim Hyun Joong as he’s currently on a concert tour which will bring him to Peru, Mexico, China, Japan, and a number of other countries in Asia.


Kim Hyun Joong has made his first public appearance following reports of his controversial ex-girlfriend abuse case.

Yesterday, he was spotted by the South Korean media as he headed to the police station for investigation. He was hounded and was asked to make a comment regarding the charges filed against him and the case, but he kept mum as he made his way through the crowd of reporters. His manager and lawyer also kept silent. Questioning will apparently take all night, according to the detective.


As reported by Dispatch, the representative for Ms. A (the woman who filed the charges), told news sources, “Kim Hyun Joong needs to admit to his mistake first. He needs to reflect on his sins and show that he’s apologetic.”


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