*We strongly encourage you to listen to the”Batman” theme song while reading this post*

Next time you go to Chiba in Japan, make sure you keep an eye out on the road because someday, you might just bump into Gotham‘s silent guardian/watchful protector cruising along the streets on his Batpod!

Nope. This is not a promotional tactic for DC’s upcoming superhero film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” nor an unseen image of Batman star Christian Bale riding on his Batpod, the motorcycle as seen in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”.

This is, in fact, a true Batman fan who dedicated his time and energy to impersonating The Dark Knight in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo.

Whether it’s on the highway or in the neighbourhood of Chiba, several photos of the impersonator were posted on Twitter as he sped down the road in his full costume.

It seems like the impersonator has been donning his Batman costume for a while as the earliest picture we’ve tracked down is from November 2013. He could have been doing this earlier than that so we don’t want to assume..

But if we were to say anything about the his impersonation of Batman, we must say the costume itself is already an impressive piece for his whole Batman get-up. In fact, the Batpod is by far one of the BEST film’s incarnation of Batman’s motorcycle we’ve ever seen! If you thought that’s all he has about his impersonation only, think again.


This video shows that he may not be the owner of Wayne Enterprises, but he definitely sounds like one:

In the video, he was cheekily known as “Chibatman”, a nickname derived from the words “Chiba” and “Batman”. His identity was revealed to be a 41-year-old man who lives alone in his so-called “secret Batman cave” in Chiba. As a huge fan of Batman, the man turned his passion into a hobby by donning his Batman suit and riding his customisd version of the Batpod. Occasionally, he will show up in his whole Batman get-up when he commutes to work as well.

Well, we weren’t all that surprised to discover this obligatory Batman news because stranger things have happened in Japan. But then again, isn’t it nice to see someone making an effort to bring joy to himself and the people in his town?

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