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In the past (slightly more than) half an year, our country has been through a turmoil like never before. While this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations will be toned down tremendously as a mark of respect as the nation is still mourning the MH17 and MH370 tragedies as well as sharing the losses suffered by families of victims, netizens still see the light and pride in our #Merdeka57 in their own special way.

Like so:

Source: Twitter

As seen in the screenshot above, on Twitter, fellow Malaysian netizens have come up with a slightly more humorous way of looking at the Merdeka Day celebrations by sharing some #MerdekaPickUpLines.

We’ve translated the tweets for you!:

  • “Although we’ve long since achieved Independence, I’ve yet to be free – because I’m still imprisoned in your heart.”
  • “Let me stick a flag close your heart monument because that’s where the birth of a love is.” (Referencing late Malaysian artiste Sudirman’s song, also this year’s Merdeka theme)
  • “Is your name Onn because baby you turn me Onn.” (Referencing Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia’s 3rd Prime Minister and “Father of Unity”)
  • “I can feel the freedom, I can see the peace, I can touch the harmony, but I can’t live without you standing next to me.”
  • “There’s one more place that hasn’t achieved Independence – my heart. It’s still being occupied by you.”
  • “Baby, you’re my Merdeka firework.” (Referencing the annual Merdeka pyrotechnics show as well as Katy Perry’s song)
  • “Will you be the Jalur to my Gemilang?” (Referencing our Malaysian flag, also known as “Stripes of Glory”)
  • “Hey babe! Do you know that I’m important to you. Because you can’t spell MERDEKA without ME.”
  • “If you’re a star on our Jalur Gemilang, I’m your moon.”
  • “You’re my Merdeka because when I’m with you, I feel free and at peace.”

True, we have to say some are so cheesy but we applaud these Malaysian netizens for sharing some funnies in this time of need! Wanna see what else has been added to the list of pickup lines? Hit this link.

Alternatively, if you have better ones, feel free to add yours and remember to hashtag #MerdekaPickUpLines!

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