Oh noooo!

German producer and DJ who brought us “Clarity” and “Stay The Night”, Zedd has had an amazing summer. Between nonstop epic festival sets and track releases, Zedd has quickly proven himself to be one of the industry’s elite. However, it looks like the demanding and hectic schedule may have taken a serious toll on the DJ’s health.

Zedd who recently collaborated with Arian Grande, tweeted some worrying news on Tuesday morning:

Photo via Zedd on Twitter
Photo via Zedd on Twitter

Fortunately, Zedd seems to be feeling better. He went on to tweet, “I saw that @dadalife challenged me. Obviously accept it and will do it but I gotta take care of my ear problem first. Gonna do it ASAP! :)” after that. Yes, of course he’s talking about the one and only #ALSIceBucketChallenge that has since taken the world of dance music by storm.

Health and general wellbeing first, Zedd! Here’s to wishing this German DJ a speedy recovery.

Photo via Zedd on Twitter
Photo via Zedd on Twitter

Oh, and not forgetting, if you haven’t seen/heard it, check out “Break Free” by Ariana Grande featuring Zedd:


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