After a long day and getting through the evening rush hour, we’d want what everybody else wants – kick back, relax, no fuss, and more importantly, no nonsense. Hence, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has become our bestfriend! On its own, rum has traditionally been the most prolific o the world’s spirits. But wait, who would’ve thought that a straight-up, no-nonsense rum could come from the guys behind a pop clothing brand in Philadelphia?

See, the guys who started the company were Sailor Jerry fans through and through. They created Sailor Jerry Limited to keep alive the legacy of a man named Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. So, it was a natural move to create a spiced rum in his name and when a cult following started to grow around the rum, it started to outsell anything else they made.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Why a cult following, you ask? Mainly because Sailor Jerry’s master blenders have managed to infused rum with one-of-a-kind mix of spices and other natural flavours, most notably vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. Thus, making the rum less crude and harsh, resulting in a high-quality, old-school spiced rum that’s versatile enough for a variety of cocktails to suit a person’s palate. We would know, we’ve tried it ourselves, thanks to our friends from Sailor Jerry Malaysia!


Here are some ways to arm yourselves with a trusty bottle of Sailor Jerry rum and spice up your happy hour after a long day (or week)!

1. Sailor Jerry & Cola

Sailor Jerry & Cola
Sailor Jerry & Cola
  • Ingredients: 2 parts Sailor Jerry, Cola
  • Glass: highball
  • Method: Build in glass over cubed ice & garnish with lime wedge.

2. Spider

  • Ingredients: 2 parts Sailor Jerry, 1 scoop (vanilla) ice cream, Cola
  • Glass: highball
  • Method: Add Sailor Jerry to a highball glass full of ice, drop in scoop of ice cream and top with cola. Best drunk with a straw.

3. Shave & a Haircut (Our personal favourite!)

Shave & a Haircut
Shave & a Haircut
  • Ingredients: 1 part Sailor Jerry, 2 parts cola, 4 parts stout
  • Glass: tumbler
  • Method: Add Sailor Jerry and cola to a tumbler and top with stout.

*Could work well as a float as well

4. Classic Daiquiri

  • Ingredients: 2 parts Sailor Jerry, 1 part fresh lime, 1/4 part simple syrup
  • Glass: cocktail / martini glass
  • Method: Shake all ingredients briefly over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a lime wedge perched on side of glass.

5. Lola

Sailor Jerry Ambassador Zachary De Git whipping up a storm
Sailor Jerry Ambassador Zachary De Git whipping up a storm
  • Ingredients: 2 parts Sailor Jerry, 1 part sweet vermouth, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, Fill with Cherry cola / cola
  • Glass: highball
  • Method: Add all ingredients to an ice-filled highball and garnish with an orange wedge.

More importantly, the above Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum cocktails are best enjoyed shoes off, kicked back, and cold (the drink, not you).

For more interesting recipes, hit up this link.

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