British rock band, You Me At Six, made up of Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Matt Barnes, Chris Miller and Dan Flint will be making their way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a one night only concert. Formed in 2004, You Me At Six first gained recognition in 2008 with their debut album, “Take Off Your Colours.”

Ever since then, You Me At Six has gone on to release three other albums. Their latest album “Cavalier Youth” features hit singles “Lived A Lie” and “Room To Breathe”. To prep fans for their debut concert here in Kuala Lumpur, we had a quick chat with lead singer Josh Franceschi. Here’s what we talked about:


Hi Josh! This September will be You Me At Six’s first time to Malaysia. Are you looking forward to it?

Yes, very much so! We are very excited to head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve always talked about heading over to that part of the world so we can’t wait to actually be there. It’ll be our first time as you mentioned so we are really looking forward to it and we can’t wait to see what Kuala Lumpur has in stored for us.

Wonderful! We can’t wait for you guys to get here too! With the current success of British artists like Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd and Adele in the music industry worldwide, do you think this is the best time for you guys to break into America and the rest of the world?

It’s definitely a great time. The recent years has been amazing for British music and I think people worldwide seem to be into the whole British scene so it’s great. We’ve got bands and artistes like Arctic Monkeys and Cheryl Cole who are doing so well worldwide and we want a piece of that pie too.

Tell us a little about your clothing line, “Down But Not Out”.

Ah well “Down But Not Out” has been my way of approaching life for the last couple of years and I’ve always wanted to find another way to express myself so that’s why I started my clothing line. It’s an amateur way for me to exercise my creativity.

Photo via You Me At Six on Facebook

That’s cool. What about the Warped Tour, will You Me At Six go back on it again?


Haha oh this is a tough one. Well, the band has a love hate relationship with the Warped Tour. Personally, I would love to get on the Warped Tour again but there might be some convincing to do with the rest of the members. The whole tour can be really exhausting so yeah. 

Fair enough. What does the rest of 2014 hold for You Me At Six?

We’ve got a couple of tours coming up. There are a couple big festivals waiting for us — we’re heading to Europe next weekend then we head to Asia – Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and we also have an Australian tour. But we should be more free at the end of the year so we’ll probably be working in the studio.

Photo via You Me At Six on Facebook
Photo via You Me At Six on Facebook

Oh, busy times ahead! If the band could collaborate with one artiste, who would it be?

Haha yes! But good times too, I hope. Haha. Hmm, we’ve never judge an artiste or band through their genre or style of music and their affiliation because we’ve always been the kind of band that likes whatever we like. For example, if we like this track from a certain band or artiste then we just love it, regardless of genre and style. Personally, if I could work with an artiste it’ll be Drake. His work is just pure brilliant.

Sweet! I love Drake! Haha. Last one, what can the Malaysian crowd expect from You Me At Six?

A good show. Haha. It’s actually really intimidating for us because it will be our first time in Kuala Lumpur so both the crowd and us have no idea what to expect. I hope there will be a lot of energy from the crowd and I hope they like our stuff. As for the crowd, they can expect a lot of energy from us and well, a good time really.

Thanks Josh! See you guys in September!

Thank you for calling. See you!!

You Me At Six will be performing live on September 2nd (Tuesday) at KL Live and thanks to our buddies from Livescape, we will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets! Here’s what you’ve gotta do to get your hands on them:

  1. What is the name of Josh Franceschi’s clothing line?
  2. Which album is the track “Lived A Lie” from?
  3. Apart from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, name 2 other Asian countries that You Me At Six will be touring this 2014.

E-mail your answers and details (Name as per IC, contact number & IC number) to [email protected] and if you’re the winner, we’ll contact you via e-mail after the submissions have closed.

Good luck!

Photo via You Me At Six on Facebook
Photo via You Me At Six on Facebook

Terms and conditions:

  1. Winners will be contacted via e-mail. There will be no winners announcement post.
  2. Winners are required to pick up the prizes from our office.
  3. Contest is open to those residing in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only.
  4. Prizes are strictly non-transferable. Hype Malaysia reserves the right to refuse the collection of prizes for those who attempt to transfer it from one contest winner (in whose name it is registered) to another person.
  5. Organisers reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of this contest at their own discretion without prior notice.
  6. The judges’ decision is final, conclusive, and no further correspondence shall be entertained.
  7. Submissions close on 27th August (Wednesday), 3.00pm.
  8. Winners will be contacted via email on 28th August (Thursday), 10.00am.


Heads up fans, we have even bigger news for you!

Thanks to our buddies from Livescape Asia, we will be giving out ONE pair of meet and greet passes for You Me At Six. Excited? Want to get your hands on them? Here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Answer these questions:

  1. What year did You Me At Six release their debut album?
  2. What are the names of the members of You Me At Six?
  3. Where will You Me At Six be performing on September 2nd (Tuesday)?
  4. Tell us in your most creative way why you deserve to win this meet and greet passes.

E-mail your answers and details (Name as per IC, contact number & IC number) to [email protected] and if you’re the winner, we’ll contact you via e-mail after the submissions have closed.

Good luck people!


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