It took celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy (real name Angela Yeung) about 4 whole years before they finally went public about their relationship. And with such apt timing too.

The Chinese actor flew to Hong Kong for Angelababy’s birthday to surprise her with, get this, a Lamborghini for her 25th birthday. Not only was she clearly taken aback by the surprise (as seen the photos below), it also marked the first time that they were seen out in the open holding hands and, well, just being a loving couple!

Angelababy Birthday Lamborghini


Following which, rumours were rife that Xiaoming had proposed to Angelababy on her 25th birthday. We can’t blame fans of the duo for jumping into that conclusion though, considering how grand the birthday surprise was. Such a high-profile love declaration, don’t you think?

Xiaoming’s manager initially denied the rumours. However, Xiaoming was on a promotional tour for his new movie, “White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom 3D recently” and he had hinted on the possibilities! He was asked about his views on marriage, to which he replied that he believes in an intense and passionate love if it’s with the right person. He said that even if the relationship is fraught with hardship, he will fight to overcome it. Perhaps he could be referring to Angelababy’s history of being caught in the hot topic of plastic surgery, a topic he has always loyally defended?

Source: Weibo
Source: Weibo

Then, he was asked about his plans of getting married, to which he revealed that before last year, he never gave much thought to marriage and having kids but suddenly this year, he feels it’s about time! He also said that it could take place this year (it’s August now!) but reiterated that marriage is based on one’s feeling and if the time is right, then it could happen out of the blue.

Does that mean that it could happen sooner? Because from what we see, the wedding bells look like they’re all prepped to ring clear! Plus, they make such a beautiful couple, don’t they?

Meanwhile, we’re waiting to hear the good news!

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