We got a taste of Marvel’s cosmic universe when we were introduced to a new team of superheroes through the trailer of the studio’s new film “Guardians of The Galaxy”.

Calling them superheroes doesn’t seem fitting in the context as the team is made up of 5 extraterrestrial misfits in space. They are some of the deadliest and revenge-driven characters and what’s more, they are on the run after the leader Peter Quill stole a coveted orb. However, they are driven by a sense of righteousness and call themselves the guardians of the galaxy to prevent Ronan, the most powerful villain from using the orb, to threaten the entire universe.

Guardians of The Galaxy Groot, Rocket, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax
Star-Lord (Peter Quill,) Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora / Marvel.com

The mastermind behind the film, director James Gunn was first approached by Marvel Studios with the support from fellow Marvel director Joss Whedon. He agreed to direct the film by incorporating his distinct style with the use of 80s music and came up with funny dialogues fit for the film. He has also gone through a strict process of casting talent and designing the one-shot cinematic moments with the mix of CG and practical effects.


Whether you’re excited or worried about how the film would turn out, these are some of the things you should know about Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”:

1. The mysterious post-credit scene and Easter eggs

Just like any other Marvel movie, the film will show a post-credit scene to tease upcoming Marvel films. But for the first time ever, this film did not air a post-credit scene during the press/media screening. However, there will be a very special post-credit sequence for everyone who catches it in the cinema. In an interview with Total Film, director James Gunn said the scene is going to be a “great deal of fun for people” and described it as “pure joy”.  On top of that, the film will be featuring a tonne of Easter eggs (hint: the psychic dog) with references to Marvel’s universe as well as Stan Lee’s sneaky cameo.

2. “I am Groot!”

Groot talks
Rocket Raccoon and Groot

“I am Groot” is the probably the only phrase that the tree-like alien Groot will ever say in the film. However, Groot can utter more than 3-word statements as he was seen speaking more than he should in “Annihilation: Conquest”, a 2007-2008 Marvel Comics crossover storyline and the sequel to 2006’s “Annihilation”. According to Movie Pilot, the character was capable to speak normally as well in the 1960’s “Tales to Astonish #13″.

3. 80s pop culture references

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon / Youtube

Rather than using electronic dance music or instrumental scores, “Guardians of the Galaxy” will use songs from the 70s and 80s and they’ll be featured in Peter Quill’s cassette tape “Awesome Mix Vol. 1”. “Hooked on A Feeling”, which was featured in the film’s trailer, is one of the other old songs that will be included in Quill’s mixed tape. The 80s pop culture reference point is strongly linked to Peter Quill’s home planet, Earth.

On top of that, Rocket Raccoon’s name and the aspects of his character is also a strong reference to the Beatles’ 1968 song, “Rocky Raccoon”. All the songs used in the film and Tyler Bates’ film scores are included in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” deluxe soundtrack.


4. Cassette players

Guardians of the Galaxy Cassette Players
Peter Quill’s Cassette Player / Marvel.com

Over the course of shooting the film, the greatest challenge that the props team has ever faced was finding cassette players to be featured. Over the span of 4 months, the team searched high and low for the functional cassette players but only found 16 cassette players in various states of repair. However, Peter Quill’s most precious item is the Walkman player that has been in his possession from the time he was on Earth, before he was kidnapped to the outer space

5. Sean Gunn as Rocket Raccoon

James Gunn Sean Gunn CGI Rocket Guardians of The Galaxy
James Gunn (left) and Sean Gunn (right) / Marvel.com

Before the film was released, there were rumours that the director’s brother, Sean Gunn, will be voicing Rocket Raccoon. As it turns out, the actor is an on-set actor while Bradley Cooper was chosen to voice Rocket instead. Bradley Cooper’s facial expressions and hand movements were recorded as potential reference for the animators but Sean Gunn’s acting was used throughout the film. Before Bradley Cooper was cast to voice Rocket Raccoon, director James Gunn said it was a challenge finding a voice that has fast-talking speech patterns.

6. Dramatic transformations

Nebula and Drax

The process of transforming into the aliens in the film wasn’t easy at all especially for the former WWE champion Dave Bautista. The actor was required to stand for 4 hours of makeup application to complete his look as Drax the Destroyer. A team of 5 makeup artists was assigned to transform his look into Drax, who has greyish-green skin and full body tattoos.

Karen Gillan sacrificed her long hair as well for the role of Nebula while Benicio Del Toro had bleached his dark hair and eyebrows to portray The Collector. The makeup team also successfully developed spray-on makeup (that would withstand water and dirt) to apply on the extras that portrayed the citizens of Xander.

7. BFF Groot and Rocket

Guardians fof the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon and Groot
Rocket Raccoon and Groot / Marvel.com

Despite their codependent friendship, Rocket and Groot are almost inseparable and they work better together. Although Rocket says a lot of mean things, both of them care for each other and Groot is always willing to sacrifice his life to save Rocket and his team. Being Groot’s only buddy, Rocket feels the responsibility to save Groot’s life and will nurse Groot’s sprig so that he can “regrow”.

Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Power
Drax, Gamora, Groot, Star-Lord (Peter Quill)/ Marvel.com

Set to be released on 1st August, the film is the second film to be released by Marvel Studios this year, after the release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldiers” earlier in April. It is the most highly anticipated film that combines a stellar cast (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel) and remarkable space adventure in Marvel’s universe.

Are you excited or are you excited? Will you watch it when it comes out? Do you wish there would be more of “Guardians of The Galaxy” in the future? The good news is, a sequel to the film has been scheduled for a 2017 release!

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