Japan has always been known as the game-changer in train technology. Just as well because they’re perpetually ahead the rest of the world in train design, rolling out high-end designer trains ever so often.

Now, Japan’s JR East railway company is commissioning a new luxury train called the “Cruise Train”, which will be a way for Japanese one-percenters (read: the super duper rich) to check out the country in style. Of course, a train like this is, made for the upperclass, expensive to develop, and perhaps expensive to ride in as well.

Japan Luxury Cruise Train Collage


At $50 millon, the “Cruise Train” seats 34 people and will spare their riders no luxury. From the outside, the “Cruise Train” is a modern take on some of Japan’s more vintage lines. The interiors, however, look like rolling Park Venue apartments replete with full-length glass windows and ceilings, full baths, and split level sleeping accommodations.

The standard suites come complete with bathroom and fold-out sofa beds while the split-level high-end suites are even more lavish. The high-end suites come with complete beds and a loft.

A loft!

Japan Luxury Cruise Train 9

Its large, central lounge area gives what little passengers there are aboard the train an opportunity to meet and chat. But even the lounge area comes with a view. And right at the end of the “Cruise Train”, the last car gives a beautiful view of the area through glass. Talk about taking your breath away!

Check out the gallery here:

The new trains are already in production and are expected to enter service in 2017. There’s no word yet on pricing yet, though you can expect the tickets will be astronomically priced and almost entirely out of the reach of normal folks.

* All images courtesy of the East Japan Railway Company.



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