As world leaders demand answers over the shoot down of flight #MH17, one thing is certain – people around the world, all of those who were directly affected and even those who are not, have come together in grief. It’s not surprising that there’s probably a large percentage out there who are probably surviving with hardly any sleep since Thursday night.

Malaysia Airlines has yet to release the passenger manifest as they would only do so after all #MH17 passengers are identified and the next-of-kins contacted. However, at the site, belongings of these passengers lie amid the debris of the plane. Emergency workers and fire fighters in eastern Ukraine are picking through as much as they can, through he grisly carnage of the vast crash site – an area of 25 square kilometres.

MH17 Crash Site Ukraine


A guidebook on Bali, a children’s card game, a first grader’s colouring book, stuffed toys, and thrown open luggages are amongst some things that have been recovered from the site. Because it’s an indication of just how many happy and excited holidayers as well as young children were on board, some of the rescue workers have found the findings hard to stomach.

While the items were painstakingly recovered by the emergency crew, fire fighters have to make their way through the wreckage and comb through debris stopping here and there to plant sticks tied with white rags/flags to identify the location of some of the 298 victims.

There has been a lot of white flags.

MAS MH17 Crash Site Ukraine

It’s ironic that there’s also a sprawling sunflower field where Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH17 crashed, as it paints such a beautiful and serene picture and yet, it’s now the same location where a tragedy of such a scale has taken place.

The world, having identified with the severity of this international disaster as an implication of what the Ukraine-Russia crisis can do to humankind, has been sending flowers to embassies and holding candlelight vigils in one big united #PrayForMH17 prayer. Even those who can’t physically be there for the vigils have readily offered love and support.

Us, including.

Malaysia Flag Half Mast


As announced by PM Najib Razak late last night during a live broadcast, Malaysia flags will fly at half-mast for the next three days (until 21st July, Monday) as the country mourns the deaths of passengers and crew onboard.

“Let us be united to face this tragedy,” he said.

See more pictures from the aftermath of the #MH17 in this gallery (non gory and safe to view):

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who were on board the #MH17 flight.

Meanwhile, we’ve created a special Spotify playlist in remembrance of the lives that were lost. Also, for more timely and verified updates, please visit Malaysia Airlines’ official website and follow their Twitter account.

Families of passengers and crew may contact +603 7884 1234 (Malaysia) or +31703487770 (Netherlands).

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