Hey, you. You there with that massive crush on Ryan Gosling. Word has it that a certain someone is carrying is baby!

Yup – and it’s none other than Eva Mendes.

Beating millions of women of the world to the punch, it was reported that the 40-year-old actress is 7 months pregnant with Ryan’s baby, and she couldn’t be happier! The couple, who started dating in 2011 after co-starring as parents in “The Place Beyond the Pines”, have been on-again, off-again for the last year. But perhaps the baby news will give them a “perpetually on” sense of direction.

Source: OK! Magazine
Source: OK! Magazine

In fact, when the news first broke, an insider told OK! Magazine:

She’s been ready for motherhood for a while now and to be sharing this experience with Ryan is a dream come true for her. Ryan grew up without a dad so he always said when he had kids, he’d be there no matter what. This is it for him.

On another note, the other rumour is that 33-year-old Ryan doesn’t think they need to marry just because they’re having a baby despite Eva believing that it’s important to have their lives fully intertwined. And..you also must know that HollywoodLife.com has since reached out to both Ryan and Eva’s reps for comment, but they’ve yet to receive a response (read: confirmation).

Hmm. Either way, guys, if it’s really true then they’re definitely going to have quite a looker for a baby!

The Place Beyond The Pines

Just look at that (picture from “The Place Beyond the Pines”) – we think that they’d probably be really great parents, no?

Cue the sound of a million hearts simultaneously breaking around the globe.

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