Brazil’s humiliating loss to Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final match just made this World Cup one of the most historical ones to date. By historical, we mean historical pwnage. So much so that we’resurprised the fans didn’t start rioting after the game.

First, Germany stormed into an incredible 5-0 first-half lead before eventually going on to win the game 7-1. At half time, Brazil fans had their hopes crushed to nothing as their dream team of a triumphant win-after-win reputation quite literally lost their mojo on their home turf.

Secondly, Germany striker Miroslav Klose became the World Cup’s all-time record scorer with his 16th goal during the #BRAvGER match, eclipsing former Brazil striker Ronaldo in the record books with his 23rd-minute strike.


The 36-year-old, playing in his 4th World Cup, had already equalled Ronaldo on 15 goals with his dramatic strike in Germany’s 2-2 draw against Ghana in the group stage before moving ahead on Tuesday in the match in Belo Horizonte.

Needless to say, the interwebs jumped in on the Brazil mutilation with a memes frenzy. As expected. Check out some of the funniest ones that claimed all the space in our Twitter and Facebook updates:

It has been one big blow after another for Brazil, but we reckon all hope is not lost yet. Brazil is still in line to (hopefully) bag 3rd place in the next match, where they’ll fight the “loser” of tonight’s game, #NEDvARG, for the title.

Best of luck, Brazil!

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