We just can’t get enough of cats, we really can’t. If you wondered why we love them cats, it’s because sometimes they outsmart us and sometimes, take us completely by surprise with their feline moves.

Just like how this cat sits on a chair like an actual human being:


Yes, you’ve just watched a video of cat just sitting on a chair for two whole minutes. Do you feel like you’ve just wasted precious time? No? Great! Because that’s not all.

There are other cats seen lounging around as well, in those chairs, without reason, and without a care in the world. They just look calm and “purrfectly” satisfied. These cats just totally redefined the term, “just sit back and relax” and we are loving it!

These cute cat videos were released by the owner of Kagoneko (translation: cats in the basket) who owns a popular blog that focuses on the daily lives of his cats. Shiro, the 12-year-old cat with the blondish fluffy tail became a web celebrity ever since his owner posted various photos and videos of him on the blog.

The other cats shown in the videos are TyaTora (7-year-old), Tibi (6-year-old), Mimi (2-year-old) and Kuro (11-month-old). Like it or not, but cats are ruling the Internet now. We’ve surrendered.

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