Good rumours, bad rumours; Jason Momoa can deny all the rumours about him but there is just one rumour that we are not quite sure if he’s really trying to deny it or keep it as a surprise. Is Jason Momoa going to play Aquaman in ‘Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice’?

Well, according to Hitfix, the former “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa is indeed going to be the blonde-haired superhero Aquaman but Warner Bros. studio has not officially made the announcement yet. However, Hitfix is certain that he will play the role as the film director Zack Snyder has already finalised his designs for the character.

Jason Momoa as DC's Aquaman


So, the role has been confirmed but what does he has to do with the film?

Perhaps we should remind you of how Superman caused a major destruction (to the world, mind you, inclusive of the Indian Ocean) during his battle with Zod in “Man of Steel“! Which undeniably pissed Aquaman off till kingdom come. Yeah, we still can’t imagine Jason Momoa in blonde hair but we can more or less imagine how pissed he’s going to look like and what’s going to happen between Superman & Aquaman here!


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