We waited, we anticipated, and finally YG Entertainment’s new K-Pop idol boy group WINNER is going to debut!

On 10th June, WINNER released their first teaser video titled, “The Visitor”, which adopts the style of a fashion art film. The video is filled with individual shots intertwined together and a mysterious girl’s appearance, further adding a dark and unique atmosphere for the video.


A promotional poster posted on their site and Facebook page states the schedule for a mysterious “WINNER- 2014 S/S LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN PLAN” which will be happening from 16th June – 6th July. The poster did not include any other details regarding the schedule but we suspect that other teaser videos or photos will be released soon. There is no official date as of yet for the release of their music video either.


WINNER was first introduced in a reality-survival program, “YG’s WIN: WHO IS NEXT”, as potential YG trainees compete against each other to debut as a new K-Pop idol boy group under YG Entertainment. After weeks and weeks of competition, it was decided that Team A will debut as WINNER while Team B’s disbandment was still undecided. But, while Team B was still training under the company, YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk hinted the possible debut of Team B as well!

In the same breath, he also confirmed that four new rookie groups will be introduced this year! (Source)

Want to know more about WINNER? Here are 10 interesting facts about YG’s new K-Pop idol boy group:

  1. Leader Kang Seungyoon was a former Superstar K2 contestant and he was in the final 4.
  2. Seungyoon made a solo debut. During which he released multiple tracks before the airing of YG’s reality program.
  3. The group’s main dancer Lee Seunghoon is an ex-contestant of the reality-singing-contest-show K-Pop Star Season 1.
  4. Rapper Song Min Ho (aka Mino) was a trainee in Brand New Stardom and was selected to be in the final line-up for BLOCK B but left the group at the last minute.
  5. WINNER has not officially debut yet even though they were the opening act for BIGBANG’s 6 Japanese dome tour.
  6. Kim Jinwoo is YG’s oldest trainee.
  7. Nam Taehyun is the youngest member in the group and he was recruited in a private audition together with Jinwoo.
  8. After the program ended, WINNER had their own 10-episode reality show “WINNER TV” , which was aired on Mnet.
  9. WINNER was featured as backup dancers in Taeyang’s Ringa Linga music video.
  10. The initial release date for WINNER’s full album was by the end of February 2014.

Meanwhile, check out episode 6 of WINNER TV, where the boys of WINNER hang out with BIGBANG backstage and are awkwardly cute/star struck:



The boys are looking good in these newly released promo shots. Don’t they look like they’re meant to be in fashion spreads? Check out the gallery here:

For more info, log on to YG Life or visit their official Facebook page!

Source: fy-winner, YG Family

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