There is one similarity between our dad and your dad: there are a tons of embarrassing moments that’s shared between the two of you. It’s likely that he does what he does because it’s a parenthood thing and he just wants to impart wisdom. Or frankly, maybe he just doesn’t care what you think as long as he embraces his own quirks.

As Father’s Day is approaching, we searched high and low for the videos of the coolest Dads, the embarrassing Dad, the cute Dad, the loving Dad…generally the best Dads in the world! Check out the list of our favourite Dads here:

1. Dad at EDM Festival


Sometimes we are glad to have a Dad who enjoys the same music as we do, but there is nothing more embarrassing than this Dad who brought his kid to an EDM festival. This Dad looked like he really, really enjoyed his “special” rave moment with his son while Cedric Gervais’ “Spirit of My Life” was playing in the background. In all seriousness, we love the fact that the Dad loses himself to dance in his fanny pack and thigh-high socks even though his son looks like he has already given up on trying not to be embarrassed by him.

2. The Reveal to Grandpa

As your Dad gets older, nothing will make him happier than having grandchildren to love. Dads’ reactions may differ but this Dad’s reaction to his daughter’s pregnancy is absolutely priceless and adorable!

3. Dad Reasoning with Baby

Being a Dad isn’t very easy, as he holds the duty of ensuring the family’s safety. In order to understand the baby’s safety, this dad seems to have mastered the communication skills with his baby when he’s needed to do the laundry. No, we have no idea what’s the baby is saying but it seems like the baby has made a lot of valid points in this heated debate with his dad!


4. Son Scaring Dad

It isn’t funny to pull a scary prank on someone else, but this Dad’s reaction to his son’s prank is ridiculously funny!

5. Dad Dancing at a Stadium

There are many different type of Dads, and one of them is the sports fanatic Dad. He will bring you to the stadium (depending on which kind of sports he’s into: basketball, football, baseball, etc.) and he’d expects you to support his favourite team during the game. Should his favourite team win, this video is what exactly happens to you and your Dad in the stadium. Yes, do that celebratory dance with your Dad!

6. Action Movie Dad

This got to be the coolest thing a Dad has ever done for his son! ActionMovieDad aka Hashi, is the father of a 3-year-old who gets into some epic situations, as seen in the video uploaded by Hashi. Hashi’s videos were produced with Adobe After Effects with a few third party plugins and evidently, his son seems to enjoy producing videos with these special effects too!

7. Bat Dad

“NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATDAD!”. There hasn’t been parenting this fun since, well, never. With his batman mask on, this Dad used the husky Batman voice and delivers fatherly advice for his kids (all four of them) in these videos. Man, these kids are super duper lucky to have a “superhero” Dad!

So you think your Dad is the best Dad in the world too? Share with us your favourite moments with your dad in the comment box below!

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