A clubbing experience like no other.


H-Artistry on May 17th, 2014 presented partygoers with an epic clubbing experience at Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa). H-Artistry fans from Penang were not the only ones who got to party with DJ Brooklyn, Magic Power, Paperplane Pursuit and Imma *Bleep* YouUp as fans from Kuala Lumpur and everywhere else made their way to Penang for the event.


Fans cheered to Taiwanese band, Magic power, sang along to Malaysia’s very own Paperplane Pursuit and danced all night to Australia’s DJ Brooklyn who brought her spin of Aussie flavour to her set before Malaysia’s favourite DJ trio Imma *Bleep* YouUp closed the show with a bleeping fantastic set.


Hype.my managed to speak to some of the acts before the party started. Here’s what DJ Brooklyn had to say:

Q: Hi Brooklyn! Is this your first time in Malaysia?

Hey hey! Yes, it is. I’m really excited to be here.

Q: This is your first time performing for H-Artistry. Are you excited?

Yes it is! Very excited. I’ve heard about the venue and I’ve got soundcheck after this so im really looking forward to it.

Q. How did it feel when you were contacted to collaborate with H-Artistry?


I’ve heard of H-Artistry’s amazing parties so I was super excited! It was an amazing feeling to be contacted by them and to get the chance to be in Malaysia so I’m really looking forward to playing tonight.

Q: What are you looking forward to at H-Artistry tonight?

I’m really looking to see the crowd. I’ve been told that Malaysians know how to party so I am looking forward to the crowd and their energy tonight. Also, I am excited to watch the other acts. I really can’t wait to get out there tonight and do my own thing — put my own spin to my set, add a little bit of Aussie flavour to tonight’s party.

Thanks Brooklyn! See you tonight!


Apart from DJ Brooklyn, we also spoke to Malaysia’s very own Paperplane Pursuit. Here’s what the boys had to say:

Q: Hi guys! How are you guys doing?

Hey Bryna!! We are great. Yourself?

Q: I’m good, thanks! How did you guys feel when you were approached to collaborate with H-Artistry?

YESSSSS!!! That says it all! Haha. We were honestly quite surprised actually and it is our first big corporate collaboration for the new stuff that we have been doing. Also, when they told us about the scale of the event that they had in mind we were like “Oh YES, very interesting.”

Q: What was the first thing that came to mind when you guys first saw the venue?

They actually sent us a power point document of what the venue would look like and we honestly didn’t really understand it. Haha. Anyway, when we got here and saw the venue we were like “WOAHHHHH!!! Massive screens and sounds.” We get to play a lot but not on this kind of scale so for us, the first thing that came to our minds were “Yes! We finally get to play our music the way it’s supposed to be played — with the awesome sound, lights and giant screens with our logos at the back. Finally! This is how we are meant to be seen and heard.”

Q: H-Artistry is about creating an epic clubbing experience. So, how are you guys going to breakthrough that together as a band?

We asked them that. Haha. We don’t think the two have to be mutually exclusive. If people enjoy music in general then it should be quite fun because we bring the pop element to everything that everyone else is doing, which you know brings in the whole art of mixing concept. There’s also the global art of mixing concept that is brought into play as we will be collaborating with the Taiwanese guys. It’s going to be fun because people know most of the songs we play by now so there is that familiarity there which allows them to dance and sing along to us.

Q: You’re collaborating with Magic Power. How is it like communicating with them, were there any difficulties due to the language barrier?

It was quite interesting and hilarious. They’re very nice guys so it’s fun trying to communicate with them. There were a lot of sign language communication going on during our rehearsals. Haha

Q: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about H-Artistry?

John: Global art of mixing.

Isaac: Epic super clubbing experience.

Andrew: Collaborations!

Thanks guys!


We also sat down with the boys of Imma *Bleep* YouUp for a quick chat. Here’s what the DJ Trio had to say:

Q: Hello hello! How are you boys doing?

Hi Brynaaaaa!! We’re great, excited! Hehe. And you?

Q: I’m great, thanks. Will this be your first time performing for H-Artistry and how excited are you guys?

It is! We are super excited, so excited that we even prepared a track just for the event. We’ve always been inspired by the whole H-Artistry concept so yeah, we are really excited.

Q: Will you guys be playing any new tracks?

A lot of new stuff actually. We stayed up till 4.00am making several edits for our sound. We really wanted to go out to eat and enjoy Penang but priorities! We made some edits to make our set more special.

Q: How does it feel to be joining H-Artistry for the first time?

AMAZING!! So freaking amazing!! Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for paying our bills! Haha.

Q: And just what is it about H-Artistry that has got Imma *Bleep* YouUp all excited?

Definitely the stage! The experience of being able to go out and to be given this the opportunity to perform at such platform — all of it is just amazing. H-Artistry is literally going to nurture us and turn us from zeroes to heroes. From the first few shows we did, all the way to this — it’s finally happening. Honestly, performing at H-Artistry is on our bucket list and we are finally going to do it so yeah, it’s pretty damn amazing!

Q: So, there’s been a lot of talk about the venue for H-Artistry. Tell me what it’s like.

It’s amazing, top notch! It’s so huge and stage is really, really nice. If you think Bo’s hair is big, then the moment he stands there it’s going to look so puny! The deck is about 15 feet high and it’s definitely the biggest and the highest deck we’ve ever seen and will play at. This is like #ERFFQUAKE!! Haha. The lighting is amazing, the whole place is amazing.

Q: What can the H-Artistry crowd expect from Imma *Bleep* YouUp?

A bleeping good time, definitely.

Q: And what do you expect from the crowd?

We would love for the crowd to go nuts! Penang is actually quite hardcore when it comes to parties. We played here about two years ago for New Years Eve and it was insane. The energy was ridiculously great so we are hoping tonight is the same.

Q: How would you rate the KL crowd and the Penang crowd, with 10 being the wildest/best?

We would say that KL is a perfect 10 given the amount of choices they have. We would give Penang 12 because there are several people that we know here who could really bring the crowd out. So yeah, we think it’s going to be a really good time tonight.

Thanks guys! See ya’ll tonight!

H-Artistry Penang 2014 was definitely one of the best parties we’ve attended so far this year. The brilliant performances by the artists and the opportunity to experience new edge laser light systems with a giant stage and DJ deck towering over the crowd, H-Artistry sure managed to provide revellers with an epic clubbing experience.

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