Dutch DJ duo set to rock the stage at Thirst 2013!


Dutch electronic dance duo W&W first formed in 2007 after meeting at Trance Energy returns to Malaysia this December. The duo first gained worldwide fame with their track Mustang which has been played by turntable maestros like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Sander van Doorn. Known for their unpredictable mixes with a combination of various styles and influences, W&W will be making their way to Malaysia this December for one of Malaysia’s largest EDM festivals, Heineken Thirst 2013.


Joining headliner David Guetta, fellow Dutch DJ Afrojack, Australian twin DJ powerhouse Nervo and many more this December, Wardt van der Harst of W&W gets the Hype.My team and fans excited for Thirst 2013.

We know you guys met in 2007 but how did W&W become W&W?

Yeah, we have a mutual friend who I always talk to about music and he gave me Willem’s Windows Live Messenger address. I added him, we started talking about music, we showed each other the music we made and we thought it would be cool to meet up. So we went to Trance Energy, the biggest Trance party in Netherlands back then and I thought he was a cool guy. We started to hangout more often and decided to come up with something. Six month later we came up with our first track Mustang, which got signed to Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music and from then on everything we did together was a lot better than anything we did by ourselves so we focused more on W&W from that moment on.

W&W got signed by Armin and then went on to work with him. What was that like?

That was pretty strange, to be in the studio with him for the first time. Haha. I mean we’ve always looked up to the man, we looked up to him since we first started and we still do, so it was strange. But it was also pretty cool to work with him because he’s really great at what he does and it was a great working environment. We threw ideas at each other and we came up with a diverse track that incorporated a combination of the sounds that we’re both best at.

Your track Invasion became ASOT’s anthem. How did you guys react when you first found out about it?

That’s a pretty funny story actually. It was a competition and we never expected to get selected. Anyway, we were actually standing in queue for customs at the airport in Argentina, going through Twitter and when Armin announced it on the State Of Trance we started screaming and cheering, really happily. Everyone thought we were crazy for a while! Hahaha



What would you say is more of W&W’s sound, is it more trance or electro?

The funny thing is that it is a combination of a lot of things. We don’t want to limit ourselves to one particular style, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what we should play so we do what we feel is right, what we want to make and what we like. A few years ago it was a bit more trance and now it’s a combination of a little bit of progressive house, trance, electro and more and I think that’s what makes us W&W and gives us our pretty unique sound.

Would you say that your sound is quite evolutionary?

Yes, definitely. I mean every time we feel that we want to do something new, we just go ahead and do it. Sometimes it’s a risk but we feel as artists, we need to always come up with something new and so far we’ve come up with something new every year. We just had two weeks of studio time recently and we’ve came up with something that sounds doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before this so we’re quite excited for it.

Congratulations on making number #14 on the Top DJ 100. That’s up eleven spots! How does it feel to be one up of Calvin Harris?

Thank you! Yeah that’s pretty amazing. I mean we hear him on the radio everyday, he’s a huge superstar so yeah it’s really cool!

You’ve collaborated with Hardwell before, how do you guys feel about him being number #1 now?

Yeah, it’s great! We’re good friend with him, we helped each other a lot so we are definitely very proud of him. It was his dream to come this far and it’s amazing to see him as the youngest number #1 ever. Of course, Armin is our good friend as well so there was a bit of awkwardness but Armin has been number #1 for five years already so he was cool with it too.

What does W&W expect from the crowd at Thirst 2013?

Well, we played in Malaysia for ASOT 600 in March and the crowd was intense. It was crazy, definitely one of the best gigs we’ve ever done so if Thirst is going to be even one-tenth of that, it’s going to be amazing! We expect a crazy night with a lot of energy because we know Malaysians have the passion for music and can get crazy so we are really excited and we really look forward to get the crowd jumping at Thirst 2013.

What can fans expect from W&W during Thirst 2013?

Well we’ve been in the studio a lot, we’ve made a lot of new music, a lot of new mashups so fans can expect a lot of new stuff. A combination of our classics as well as our new stuff!

How does it feel to play for an Asian crowd as compared to an European/American crowd?

That’s a very difficult question. I would say that every crowd is different but what from we’ve seen so far from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a really energetic crowd which is really great for us and the music. There’s definitely something special about the Malaysian crowd.

What are your predictions for the music scene in Asia, do you foresee Asia being a bigger stage for the scene in future, possibly overtaking America and Europe?

Of course. Whenever we talk to people about the evolution of the music, Asia always comes up! Everybody we’ve talked to thinks that Asia is the new big thing for dance music and if you look at the size of the party you have right now, even just in Malaysia alone, it’s proves that the dance music scene is growing very, very fast in Asia and it can only get bigger in the future.

Alright, great! Everything sounds amazing and we are definitely looking forward to seeing you guys in December. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us.

Thank you very much for your questions and I speak for Willem and myself when I say we are really looking forward to playing at Thirst 2013!

02 W&W

Catch W&W live at Thirst 2013. Information on the event are as follows:

Date: December 14th, 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Sepang International Circuit

The ticketing details as follows:

Early Bird: RM118 (Available from October 11th – 13th, 2013 at Rock Corner, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara Only)

Pre-Sale: RM148 (Available October 14th, 2013 onwards)

VIP: RM248 (Available October 14th, 2013 onwards)

Door Sale: Rm188 (Door opens at 4pm)

For those interested, tickets are available at all Rock Corner outlets and on Boxtix Asia. For more information please visit the official website or Facebook page.

Press play to enjoy this gorgeous number by W&W!

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