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Sekumpulan Orang Gila

Bite Media has released its biggest and fiercest VIMA Malaysia Final nominees list. Taking charge with 5 nominations is the band Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG). The genre-defying band scored the nominations for Best Rock, Pop, Genre Bender and Music video categories. Joining these guys in the top nominees list are An Honest Mistake, Shruthi J, Melissa Indot, AhmadAhmad and Vikadakavi with four nominations each.

“Its been a long time since we have been put through a selection process as challenging as the one we just went through, but after digesting more than 600 songs, we are happy with the quality of the talent that have made it into the final list. We expanded the list this time round as we have trimmed down the number of categories compared to previous years. I dare say, there are a few potential Asian champions in this list, but it still boils down to how they engage their fans and the global judges in the coming weeks” said Siva Zaphod Chandran, founder of VIMA and COO of Bite Media.


The awards now goes into its voting and judging phase where 30% of the scores will be determined by the public while 70% will come from online global judges.

Melissa Indot
Melissa Indot

The full list of nominees can be found below:


Vials – Coroner

Rampage Prodigy – Last Shot

Shaneil Devaser – Full

Panic Room – Arahmu

Nervedeless – Cave


Rhythm Nation – King of The Hill

Sekumpulan Orang Gila feat Tyler Carter & Micheal Bohn – 40% Disco

Sekumpulan Orang Gila feat Ana Raffali – Lagu Raya

The Carbolics – Dreams

The Carbolics featuring Ella – Voices

Modread – Sinar Perangga

Rock n Roll John – Victory is Mine

The Outbreak – 7 years

H.W.C – Take Control (featuring Myo Oh Chentaku)

Melissa Francis – Perening

Hairee and Angels – Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

AhmadAhmad – Blingblingblaablaablaa

An Honest Mistake – Giddy Up Horsie! This chase aint waiting for you

Depha Masterpiece – Kumang Seari

The Mash – Ingin

Hydra – Hujung Mentari

DJEZNA’S stalker – Kehadiranmu

Elektrostarter – Growl

Hevance – Belama

Fidz feat Azhar Mohd – Cinta Terbakar

An Honest Mistake
An Honest Mistake


Lynnzay – Untuk Kamu

Melissa Indot – You & Me

Alvin Anthons – Sally

Amrita Soon – Red

Sekumpulan Orang Gila – Enough

Zana Zainal – Hakikat Cinta

Shruthi J -PO

Z Ahmad – Pesona Cinta

Tiban – Paarkamal

Cottonfields  scarecrows – Flower Child

Russell Curtis Project – Close To You

Alex Subryn – Meredah Belukar Masa

Alex Subryn – I don’t understand You

Goldkartz – Haseen Duniya

Nadhira and Young Stunna – Always There

Prema Yin feat Narmi – Just with you

Prema Yin – Ring My Bell

AhmadAhmad – Dah

An Honest Mistake  feat Diana Danielle – This Hari Raya Rocks

Jay Walia feat Altimet  – Bidadari

Ze & Richard Bahericz – Say Yeah

Salammusik – Jangan Nangis

Poova – Looking out for love

Arvinder Raina feat Chamanjeet Kaur & Boy Radge – Aa Nachle Meri Jaan

Hevance – Bajik

Love J Hailz – Rain Cloudz


Lynnzay – Mr Parasite

Tom Lue & Elvin Ong feat Kenneth Ho (Mystical Mirage) – Top of the World

Shruthi J – Hey (P4DO! & J.T.F Remix)

Sasi The Don & Maxi Priest  – Island Queen

Melissa Indot – Come when i call (Mr Nasty Remix)

Galvin Patrick – Alive Again

K-Town Clan – Beautiful Life

Mappilai Musix – Makkez in Da Club

Vikadakavi feat Rabbit Mac – Party Machi

Foulworks – Anthem X

Alvin Anthons  feat Syko G– Berdua Remix

Kayda feat BEM  – Down with Me


The Rebel Scum – Susah Betul

Vials – Coroner (Dubstep remixed)

Rhymebook featuring Pearl of Swaiv & Son of Age- Shoulda Known Better

Lynnzay feat Tactmatic– Angel Dust

Coma – Blackmoon

ALTRBG – Hujan Batu

SwaggaMix – Wasted Generation

Rhythm Nation feat Roshan Jamrock – MFB

Sekumpulan Orang Gila feat Ana Raffali – Lagu Raya

Carbolics feat Balan Kashmir – Rock n Roll

Mystical Mirage feat Ryan Tan – Heroes

Melissa Indot featuring Arabyrd – You & Me

Nadhira – Trouble

Pistah Few – Unnai Parthe Pinbu

Prema Yin – 100%

Galvin Patrick feat Nutty Slicc – Lagu Ini Hanya Untukmu

AhmadAhmad – Blingblingblaablaablaa

An Honest Mistake – Giddy Up Horsie! This chase aint waiting for you

Mappilai Musix – Trensettaz

Young Ruff  feat Roshan Jamrock & Leng Yein – Kpop Killa

K-Town Clan – Beautiful Life

Stylish Tamizachi – Rubba Bend

Ze & Rise at night – Catfight

Salammusik feat Ziondread – Aku Pelat

Elektrostarter – Delete

Seveneightsix feat King Lhota – She (Je’Taime

Shruthi J.


Island Queen : Sasi The Don & Maxi Priest


AhmadAhmad – Blingblingblaablaablaa

Melissa Indot – You & Me Official Music Video

Swaggamix – Wasted Generation

Nervedeless – Little Things

Voice of Men – Laungan Cinta (Love Cry)

Rhythm Nation – My Catastrophe

Sekumpulan Orang Gila – Sumpah Pendekar

The Outbreak – 7 Years

Salammusik feat. ZionDread – Aku Pelat

Vikadakavi – Kandang Leh Kozhi

Hujung Mentari – Hydra

An Honest Mistake – Giddy Up Horsie! This Chase Ain’t Waiting For You

Nadhira – You Got Me

GOLDKARTZ – Haseen Duniya

ROCK N ROLL JOHN – Victory is Mine


Stylo D’Viruz feat King Harvind – Mozhega Bajji

Shruthi J – PO

Vinesh Kumar – Unnode

Tiban – Antha Nimidham

Shaman & Pirate ft Thiyvya Kalaiselvan -Hyper Kavithai

Pistah Few – Unnai Parthe Pinbu

Mappilai Musix – Janneyman

Agniputra feat Nakeeran– Ninaivugellam

Vikadakavi feat Daddy Shaq – Fire

Vikadakavi feat Sheeza & Aaryan Dinesh K – Bunga Saavi Remix

Arvinder Raina feat Chamanjeet Kaur & Boy Radge

Foulworks – Be-a-u-ty (Shiva Sigma feat Dharshaini)

Goldkartz – Haseen Duniya

Tiban – Paarkamal

Shruthi J – Love


Double Click – Wo Xu Yao

Mystical Mirage – Heroes

Double Call – My MC Dream

Elektrostarter – Bright Blue Sky

Elektrostarter – Delete

Double Call – 命舛


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