“Daddy always wins stuff for us – it was our turn to win something back for him”

Those were the words of young Brendan Wong, 12. Together with his sister, Emmalee Wong, 8, the sibling duo participated in the recent Tony Roma’s Fathers’ Day contest to win their dad a Father’s Day treat like never before. A Senior Manager at a software company, Wong Wai Tsung, 42, was truly surprised indeed when a team from Tony Roma’s showed up at his house to prepare him and his guests a Tony Roma’s lunch, right at their home!

TR - Father's Day - G


TR - Father's Day - B

The treat came as part of a grand prize organized by Tony Roma’s in conjunction with Father’s Day. Participants had to dine at Tony Roma’s, and then take a picture and upload it onto the F&B outlet’s Facebook page. More than 15 entries were received. However, in the end, it was Brendan and Emmalee’s entry that captivated the hearts of the judges to win Wong the coveted prize. He, along with his guests and family (including four other fathers) were treated to a lunch party comprising of Tony Roma’s signature lamb ribs, bountiful beef ribs, salmon, salads and dessert – all cooked by Tony Roma’s chefs.

The beaming siblings – Brendan and Emmalee – could not have been happier too, to win their “hero” this treat. Perhaps nothing can sum up their feelings on that day better than their winning entry itself:

My dad deserves a lunch party by Tony Roma’s because

He has a mischievous Iron Man streak and wit, making things fun for me,

Hulking shoulders that tirelessly bear the burden of the family,

An awesome chef who prepares meals so yummy and full of creativity,

Taking us on awesome adventures local and globally,


Like Hawkeye, taking care of me, mummy and my little sister, Emmalee

Shielding us from harm and threats constantly,

Ensuring we learn Captain America’s noble values to be applied daily,

Unleashing Thor’s bolts of inspiration lighting up the path of Life’s journey,

My superhero Avenger Dad for eternity!

The menu served up by Tony Roma’s for the lunch party was fit for the man of the house indeed. It included Tony Roma’s signature Bountiful beef ribs, lamb ribs, grilled salmon and Mojo chicken.

TR - Father's Day - E

The family spent precious time together with the Tony Roma’s team throughout the two hour period and it ended with a photo session with everyone who made this event a success.

For more information on Tony Roma’s visit their website or their Facebook page.

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