Oh, how we’ve missed these boys. They’ve stayed away for far too long, considering that their last concert (held at Stadium Merdeka) was a decade ago (2003). So imagine our mad excitement when Linkin Park made the following announcement via their Facebook page an hour ago:

Linkin Park Concert Malaysia

Nevermind that the announcement was written entirely in Bahasa Malaysia, let’s get down to business.


So the Linkin Park boys will be in town once again as part of their “Living Things” World Tour. For all you fangirls and fanboys who have been praying for the past 10 years for Linkin Park to come back, well, mark the date!

[youtube id=”Hhv5m93N3fM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

They’re rocking up to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at 8pm on 19th August 2013 (Monday) at Nasional Stadium, Bukit Jalil. Tickets will start going on sale from 16th June 2013 (Sunday) onwards – but only for the LP Underground members (read: registered official Linkin Park fans). All further information can be found on the LP Underground website.


The tickets on sale will be categorised into the following: free seating RM95, RM195, RM295; and free standing RM350 (Playground Zone), RM450 (Rock Zone), RM550 (The Pit), and RM680 (VIP).

To purchase the tickets, go to TicketCharge or call 03-92228811 or visit The Wonderland+’s Facebook page.

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