Seven-member K-pop boy band INFINITE has announced their “One Great Step” world tour, with 17 cities covering four continents on the itinerary so far. The group, which has released singles in Korean and Japanese, teased their trek with a video naming their past concerts and album and EP releases, as each member gets dressed in dapper duds.

But INFINITE soon come together in stylish outfits as the “One Great Step” tour is announced. A total of 17 cities are mentioned at the end of the clip including New York and Los Angeles as well as stops in Asia (Seoul, Toyko, Kuala Lumpur), Europe (London, Paris) and South America (Lima) with an “ETC…” hinting at more cities to come.

[youtube id=”ukb9gkd92Gc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


No date or venue information has been released yet.

The world tour is big news for the boy band who now find themselves in the upper echelons of the K-pop scene similar to male groups BIGBANG, 2PM, and TVXQ!, who have all performed in America.


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