Hong Kong pop duo Twins’ Gillian Chung revealed Sunday that she has not lost faith in love despite her break-up with her Korean boyfriend last month, reported Chinese media.

“I’m not unhappy. I still believe in love, if it’s real affection, then even if there is no chance, I’d still speak up, so I won’t have any regrets”, Chung told reporters, during the launch of her first Mandarin album “Tung Blossom”. However, Chung expressed that she won’t be looking for love in the next two years at least, as she intends to focus on her work.

Gillian Chung


“I hope to spend the next two years on my work, learn more things to enrich myself. I don’t want romance, or perhaps just leave it up to fate“, said Chung. When asked what sort of man would catch her eye as potential boyfriend material, Chung said she is looking for someone who “loves me, has a career, a future and is responsible”. He also has to be able to make her smile every day, give her positive energy and must be filial.

She conceded that such a man is going to be pretty hard to find.

“Charlene (her Twins partner Charlene Choi) told me she wants us to get married at the same time, so I am a little worried about her, because I definitely won’t be getting married in the next two years”, Chung joked.


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