We mentioned yesterday that we’ve got an exclusive interview with someone special comin’ up sometime this week. As promised, it’s here! Thanks to our friends from LINE Malaysia, we managed to steal K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior’s Choi Siwon away from his super busy schedule for a little chat. He tells us all the things we never knew about his addiction to LINE app.

Seriously though, who would’ve thought that the South Korean idol would ever get addicted to, or even have the time for LINE Pop? Right?

Hi Siwon! You were recently in Malaysia for the official launch of LINE’s TVC. Share with us how LINE has enriched your lifestyle and what are your favourite features.


“When I chat with my friends through LINE, I use LINE stickers all the time. I think it depicts my emotions better than just writing in words. I am a bit shy in expressing my feelings sometimes. So LINE stickers help me express those feelings. I really like using the Stickers! Apart from the messaging feature, LINE also has numerous games and utility functions. I especially enjoy using LINE Camera and playing LINE POP and LINE JELLY game. While I was in Malaysia to film the LINE TV commercial, I was so addicted to LINE POP. If you watch the behind-the-scene clip of LINE TVC, you will see me getting lost in LINE POP.”

As a celebrity, there aren’t many opportunities for you to connect with your fans as much as you’d like. How has LINE helped change that? Do you feel like you’re closer to your fans now?

“Super Junior has just recently created an Official Account on LINE by the way! Through our Official Account, news about Super Junior is provided in real time. The best part of it is that we can talk to our fans on a one-on-one basis whenever we are ‘On-Air’. When the ‘On-Air’ mode is on our LINE account, it means that we are actually engaging with our fans. We are planning to go ‘On-Air’ sometime soon, and we look forward to have a more interactive conversation with our Malaysia fans!”


Tell us, how does LINE fit into your busy schedule? When do you usually find time to use LINE – day or night?

“I use LINE all the time! I have a very busy schedule and I always don’t have enough time to meet my friends. So, LINE is the best way for me to keep in touch with them. I often check my Timeline to see if there are any updates from my friends on LINE. I especially enjoy using LINE Camera and playing LINE POP. After taking pictures with the guys (Super Junior), we’ll have fun decorating them with LINE sticker stamps and upload the photos on our Official Account.”

Wow, you do seem like a huge fan of LINE! Have you recommended LINE to the rest of the Super Junior members? Do you chat with each other using LINE?

“I definitely recommend LINE to the rest of the guys and they all find it very cute and fun to use. Now they use LINE all the time! Each of us have our own favourite character. Mine is Brown!”


What has been your fondest memory of Malaysia to date? Were there any fans moments that particularly stuck with you?

“While I was in Malaysia during the filming of LINE’s TVC at Ampang Hilir, there were fans that came out to meet me and it turned out to be a huge crowd. It was such an incredible feeling and it made me feel confident about the shoot and made my short stay in Malaysia worth the while.”

[youtube id=”wJpzsvTMYmQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Alright, we’ve come to the end of the interview but before we let you go, leave a shout out to your Malaysian ELFs and Hype Malaysia’s readers!

“Hello Malaysia! Thank you so much for supporting my work and for being the greatest fans to Super Junior and myself! Don’t forget to download LINE and lookout for the “On Air” mode to be able to chat with Super Junior. I hope to see you soon. Till then take care and stay awesome. Love you guys!”

Aww. Thank you so, so much for speaking to us, Siwon. We hope to see you soon too. Perhaps during the rumoured “Super Show 5” in Malaysia, yes? Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our coverage of the LINE TVC launch in Malaysia, where Choi Siwon himself made a special guest appearance. Pictures and video included!

For more information on LINE Malaysia, hit up their Facebook page.

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