Durians are becoming more popular in China, especially among the affluent middle-class with an appetite for the exotic. Regarded by many in Southeast Asia as the king of fruits, the durian is well known for its pungent smell.

You may have heard of durian being used in desserts and cakes. But the king of fruits served on a pizza?

This unusual dish is the main draw of Blue & Brown, a cafe in downtown Shanghai. Since opening in September 2012, the outlet has been selling an average of 70 durian pizzas each day!



How exactly is it made, you ask? It’s made from imported frozen durian from Thailand, cheese, and a secret sauce! The pizza has been especially a hit with Chinese students and young executives. According to customers of Blue & Brown, the thick layer of cheese on top masks the strong taste of the exotic fruit that’s known for its pungent smell. They also added that although durians and pizzas are originally unrelated, the durian pizza has turned out to be quite “wonderful”.

Hmm. We’re curious!


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