Movie star Jet Li has joined up with renowned Chinese Internet entrepreneur Jack Ma to open a tai chi school in a bid to promote the traditional exercise.

Jack Ma is founder of the world’s biggest online retailer, Alibaba, where he stepped down as CEO last week saying he wanted to do more in education and the environment. He is a keen devotee of tai chi, and has made references to Chinese martial arts in both business strategy and corporate culture. Jet Li, on the other hand (and as most of you would already know by now) rose to fame for his kung fu skills and has starred in such films such as the Chinese historical epic “Hero” and the Hollywood blockbuster “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”.

The film star and the entrepreneur already have a jointly-owned cultural company which provides tai chi training to company employees.


Jet Li Jack Ma Tai Chi School

But this new venture, the tai chi school in Hangzhou will teach tai chi and martial arts under a disciple of a well-known master, said a statement from Jack Ma’s company provided on Monday. It is part of a larger development in a wetlands park which includes commercial services, according to the statement.


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