Yesterday, it was revealed that K-Pop idol girl group A Pink’s Yookyung will no longer be part of the group. Fans are still reeling from the shocking news, but A Cube Entertainment has assured them that it was neither due to a conflict nor any other negative reasons. The label announced through an official press release:

We first want to apologize to all the fans for having to deliver news of this nature. Yookyung, who debuted on April 19th of 2011 and received a lot of love while shedding tears and smiling with many fans over the past 2 years, will no longer be with us as an A Pink member.

Yookyung has always tried her best since her debut and has been a hard working member. After debating for a long time between continuing as a celebrity and focusing on her studies, as well as the other six members’ futures, Yookyung and her agency have made this very hard decision.


As Yookyung will be entering university this year, she will no longer be A Pink’s Yookyung, but a student like others her age. Please support her and her future.

A Pink, which debuted in 2011 with “Seven Springs of A Pink“, are currently preparing for a comeback, although it is unknown how Yookyung’s departure will affect their plans.

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