Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy pair up to lead the cast of “Identity Thief“, an all-star comedy in which a regular guy is forced to extreme measures to clear his name. With everything to lose after his identity is stolen, he’ll find out how crazed you can get trying to settle a bad credit score.

Unlimited funds have allowed Diana (played by Melissa McCarthy) to live it up on the outskirts of Orlando, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her fancy. There’s only one glitch: The ID she’s using to finance these sprees reads “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” – and it belongs to an accounts rep (played by Jason Bateman) who lives halfway across the U.S. in Denver.

Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy




Accused of a litany of crimes, the innocent man attempts to defend himself to police that are just as hamstrung and overworked as they are disinterested in his protestations. Left with just one option, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson must head south to track her down himself.

With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, Sandy hits the road to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe, coax and wrangle her the 2,000 miles to Colorado, one easy target will discover just how tough it is to get your name back:

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“Identity Thief” will be released in a cinema near you on 1st May 2013 (Wednesday).

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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