We really don’t see a problem with anyone filming their own version of “Harlem Shake” and uploading it onto YouTube. After all, it was an Internet fad for awhile.

Malaysian television icon Daphne Iking has recently landed herself in hot soup for the 30-second clip that was uploaded in February on her YouTube channel. Suddenly, her whole family including her husband Azmi Abdul Rahman and daughters Isobel and Iman Danielle are being criticized for a harmless video.

Apparently, some members of the more conservative public are accusing Daphne of mocking her adopted faith and for going against the teachings of the religion by wearing a short jumpsuit. Even though it was in the privacy of her own home:


[youtube id=”7WAkd6jCDuo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Daphne, of course, didn’t expect such a backlash from what was supposed to be family silliness. She said that they recorded the dance for fun because Azmi wanted to test a new video camera he had bought:

I didn’t expect him to put it on YouTube. All of a sudden I’m getting so many comments about it on e-mail. I didn’t expect so many people would watch it. Of course there will be those who like it and those who don’t. We didn’t intend to offend anyone. It’s only for fun and my family is kind of crazy.

I’ve read the comments and I understand that there are some people who are not liberal and think I’m mocking religion. There’s nothing wrong with my intention but some see it differently.

What she said was true though. Can’t a family have a bit of fun without being shunned by the public for, well, nothing? You tell us.


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