Oh dear, a show of hands please for those of you who think that the RBR team should engage a couple of PR people to hold Sebastian Vettel down? Or at least tell him to stop talking?

As a follow up to our earlier story, not only has Sebastian said that he’s not sorry for what happened in Malaysia, the three-time world champion is now insisting that Mark Webber didn’t deserve to win the Malaysian Grand Prix and admitted that his decision to snatch the victory from his teammate was blatant and on purpose.



This also means that he has effectively retracted the apology he publicly issued to Mark Webber after the Malaysian Grand Prix race. When asked if his actions in Malaysia had been payback for Mark Webber harrying him in the British Grand Prix two years ago, Sebastian Vettel replied:

You could say it, indirectly.

I was racing so as a racing driver I was fully focused on winning the race. I got a call on the radio, which I heard but I didn’t understand it at the time. I should have understood, which is why I apologised to the team because with my action I put myself above the team.

That was the intention, whether you believe me or not is up to you. As a team member, and that is how I feel, I didn’t obey the team order, which as I said, was not my intention. My intention, for sure as a racing driver, was to win the race. I wanted to win and I succeeded.

On the one hand, I think am the kind of guy that respects team decisions, but on the other hand, Mark is not the one that deserved it at the time.

I would have thought about, it, reflected on what it means, on what the team wanted me to do, which was leave Mark in first place and me second. Having thought about it I probably would have done the same thing.

What he’s basically trying to say is that he would, at any given time, defy team orders to beat his own teammate again. Yes really. Also, let’s not forget about the way Sebastian Vettel simply scoffed at comments about his ruthless behavior and said, “Well there a lot of marks on my back. Sanctions, punishment? Maybe it is a bit of dreamland that you all live in. What do you expect to happen? Make a suggestion.”

Sebastian Vettel


Talk about a PR disaster! Three-time world champion and now effectively the F1 black sheep? Careful, Vettel. As Jenson Button said, people can get seriously hurt like that and it could come back to haunt you.

Meanwhile, fans from around the globe are now waiting with bated breaths for this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix. The pair will be under heavy scrutiny after what happened in Malaysia. Exciting times ahead.


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