In January, an arrest warrant was filed against former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook, after he was accused of sexual assault against a minor. According to Seoul’s police, he had approached 13-year-old Ms. Kim on the streets of Seodaemun on the pretense that he was a scout looking for singers. After getting her to enter his vehicle, he allegedly pinched her thigh and molested her.

Footage of the young girl entering his car was captured and confirmed on CCTV.

The celebrity was also accused of sexually assaulting another minor last year at his apartment.



Yesterday, Go Young Wook received his sentence at his final hearing. On top of five years in prison, he has to wear an electronic anklet for 10 years after the court found him guilty of all charges. The electronic anklet would put Go Young Wook under close scrutiny, monitoring his whereabouts at all times.

The judge said as he explained the guilty verdict:

Even if there was no violence or threat involved in the sexual acts and oral sex with minors, it can still be recognized as coercion and force.

In the process of being investigated back in December of last year for the same type of charges, he sexually molested a minor again. He has used his celebrity status to commit acts of crime and has shown no signs of reflecting by instead putting the blame on the victims.

We looked to see if there is a risk of the defendant repeating the crime. The defendant committed crimes against minors under the age of 19. Two of those victims are only 13 years old. In addition, between 2010 to 2012, he has committed sexual assault a total of five times.

As of time of writing, Go Young Wook’s lawyers have not yet revealed whether they will be appealing the sentence.


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