As some of the best football teams in the world battle it out to reach the UEFA Champions League Final, Heineken announced the launch of its “Heineken Ibiza Final” campaign to celebrate its seventh consecutive year sponsoring the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

This year, Heineken takes its campaign a notch higher by rewarding its fans with the chance to watch the screening of the UCL finals in the world’s party capital – Ibiza, Spain. Moving beyond just a viewing event, Heineken Ibiza Final is set to bring together the best of football and the best of music in one spectacular night to create an unbelievable VIP experience.

Heineken Ibiza Final


Fans are encouraged to engage with the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign via social media activity or from on-pack and in-bar to be one step closer to this incredible once in a lifetime prize. As the campaign reaches its climax, fans will then have to display their skills through a combination of charm, imagination and inventiveness to be rewarded with this ultimate football experience.

The Heineken Ibiza Final campaign will go live from 1st – 20th April 2013 online at Heineken’s Facebook page and at all participating Heineken outlets in Malaysia.

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