Hours ago, community airline Firefly sent out an alert over an e-mail scam purportedly associated with the low-fare carrier and announcing “lucky winners” of the Big Apple B’day Promotion Programme. The airline said that the e-mail, titled “Bonus” announced cash rewards to lucky winner of “Firefly’s Big Apple B’day Promotion Program“.

Firefly first sent out the alert via their Facebook page, warning customers and urging them to contact their customer care if unsure of the origins of such e-mails:

Firefly Airlines Big Apple Scam


Customers are to be fully aware that Firefly Airlines are in no way allied to this scam or any other one that claims cash and lottery payouts. All relevant messages and news on the airline will only be posted via its authorized channels which are on the website, official Facebook page, and e-mail, the airline said in a statement.

This is, however, not the first time that such scam has surfaced. In April last year, a similar e-mail was circulating claiming that a Firefly Big Apple B’day Promotion Program was “performed” at their Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters and that they’ve picked “a lucky winner” of their program to receive USD110,000,00. To make the scam more “believable”, they’ve even fabricated ticket and reference numbers. In return, the e-mail required the recipient to reply them with personal details to claim the prize:

Firefly Airlines Big Apple Scam E-mail
Source: http://www.knowthymoney.com/2012/06/scam-letters-fake-firefly-big-apple.html

For starters, who on earth says things like, “One Hundred And Ten Thousand United State Dollars” anyway?

Don’t be fooled, guys!


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