Celebrations are big this year as household brand Jacob’s embraces its 60 years of inspiring nutritional choices since its birth in 1953. The brand is welcoming everyone to join in the merriment and to come together as a community to celebrate health.

Its most popular product? The Jacob’s cream crackers.

Jacob’s cream crackers have come a long way from its inception. The cream crackers, baked with the finest wheat flour and yeast are based on the traditional methods established by William Jacob in a small bakery more than a century ago. The light flaky cream crackers have become a household name in biscuits and are much loved by families worldwide today.


Jacob's Cream Crackers

The crackers have evolved from plain crackers into a wide range of reduced fat and high fibre snacks to choose from and families over the years have also adopted several fun ways to eat their crackers with sweet and savoury toppings. Jacob’s crackers are also versatile, they are used extensively to create and recreate cuisine around the world.

In conjunction with Jacob’s 60th Anniversary, Limited Edition collectible tins will also be available for sale, while stocks last:

Jacob's Limited Edition Collectible Tins

As a way to say thank you to Malaysians for supporting the brand for the past 60 years, Malaysians can expect 60,000 delicious Jacob’s goodies to be given away from March 2013 onwards. It is Jacob’s gesture of thanks and appreciation towards Malaysians who have journeyed through generations with the brand.

For more information, visit their official website or their Facebook page.

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