Last month, the newly-married Ekin Cheng denied up, down, left, right, and center that his wife, Yoyo Mung may be pregnant. He openly claimed that he’s not ready to enter fatherhood and that the decision has nothing to do with his health or Yoyo’s vanity. This comes after the couple arranged a super secret wedding in Tokyo, which was eventually exposed anyway.

The 46-year-old Hong Kong actor and 40-year-old Yoyo Mung were dating for seven years because they reportedly wed in a top-secret ceremony held at a French restaurant in Tokyo. And by “French restaurant”, we mean Aimee Vibert (a restaurant with two Michelin stars). According to Chinese media sources, guests were invited to “dinner” but no details about their nuptials were revealed until they arrived at the venue.

Ekin Cheng Yoyo Mung Wedding


Surprise, surprise?

Because of the nature of such a “rushed” event kept on such a tight lid, rumours have been flying ever since about the possibility of a shotgun wedding. To which Yoyo has also stepped up to speak (of the pregnancy) – albeit harshly.

“To me, ten months of pregnancy is like being in jail. There was once I dreamt I was pregnant and was fretting over which school my child would go to, and had to fill up a lot of forms. It was a real nightmare!”, she lamented.  She also added that another reason she didn’t want children is because of Ekin’s attitude towards them, claiming that he really spoils children.

Okay, Yoyo. If you say so. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for baby news. That is all.

Sources: CNA, Jaynestars.

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