The scent of fresh green grass and blooms permeate the air as the warm winds blow. Birds circle among flowers and leaves, whistling and singing as they echo the sounds of flowing water.

Easter signals the coming of Spring and thus, GODIVA Chocolatier proudly presents the 2013 Spring Easter Collection. A wide range of appealingly designed limited edition chocolate gift boxes adds delight to this vibrant season. In accordance with the Belgian traditional craftsmanship, GODIVA wraps its chocolates in exquisite packaging. We picked out our personal favourites:

Easter Eggs Gift Box 10 Pieces (RM79)


Easter Eggs Gift Box 10pcs._with chocolate

Easter is like a sweet dream in Spring that is surprisingly relaxing and energetic. GODIVA Easter Eggs Gift Box would definitely give you a revitalizing holiday! Let’s soak in the Easter fun and experience the festive pleasure!

Easter Egg Gift Box 12 Pieces (RM99)

Easter Egg Gift Box 12pcs._with chocolate

Chocolate truffles make pretty the Spring colours and arouse the sense of taste. GODIVA presents several flavours of chocolate truffles to gratify chocolate lovers. Lovely Easter egg is filled with sweet and different flavours of chocolate truffles, which will surely give you an unforgettable chocolate experience with its exciting flavours.

Bunny with Easter Eggs (RM169)

Bunny with 5pcs. Easter Eggs

The little cute GODIVA Bunny chocolate has a new wardrobe hinting the warm and sweet Spring breeze. The pink ears Bunny wears a bright yellow pullover with its innocent face is truly attractive. The five pieces of colourful mini Easter Eggs that the bunny is holding give you endless surprises!


The above cuteness and more are available at GODIVA:

  • Suria KLCC +603 2166 5252
  • Pavilion KL +603 2142 5252
  • Satellite Building, KLIA +603 8776 1166
  • The Flying Emporium, Domestic Airside, KLIA +603 8776 1598

For more information, visit their official website.

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