On 16th January 2013, six-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong went missing after he was left in the family car with his elder brother and one-year-old sister while his parents went to a nearby electrical shop at Putra Heights to look at washing machines. His body was found floating in Sungai Klang at a jerry in Kampung Sireh on 24th January 2013, slightly more than a week after he went missing.

Because of the state of his body, the post-mortem that was conducted could not determine the cause of William’s death but it was revealed that he may have been alive for one or two days before his body was found. However, the police and authorities are still puzzled at how he ended up in the river, which was about 3km away from where he was last seen.

William Yau Jetty


Hence, the police and authorities have since called for an inquest to ascertain the circumstances leading to the death of William Yau.

District police Chief Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli confirmed that it will be held at the Petaling Jaya magistrate’s court where it will be decided when the inquest proper will start and how many witnesses will be called to give evidence. Police had interviewed a total of 54 witnesses from the time William was reported missing until the time his body was found but not all witnesses will be called to the stand.

William Yau Parents

William’s father, 38-year-old Yau Kok Kang is expected to be called as the first witness. William’s mother, 26-year-old Goh Ying Ying and William’s seven-year-old are also among those on the witness list. Deputy Subang Jaya OCPD Supt Tan Ah Chua said the inquest could begin the same day as the mention of the case.

Source: The Star, NST.

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